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  1. SunlapseVertigo

    When you had to live in a doom level......

    i'd like to live in E2M7... not too "techy" while not too "hellish", finds a nice balance between... big, complex, and diverse.... its like a mansion... well designed, and it looks great.... could never get bored.
  2. SunlapseVertigo

    Greatest Victory

    beating "Go 2 It" on UV while starting with just a pistol
  3. SunlapseVertigo

    Nightmare Anyone??

    i would love nightmare if it werent for the enemy respawn. when i play doom, especially big levels i like to take my sweet time and clear the monsters out methodically, while making sure to get every pick up, and explore every nook and cranny. the respawn makes this impossible, and any feeling that i would get after clearing a huge level completely after an hour+ is gone. thus, i only play on UV.
  4. SunlapseVertigo

    Am I the only one who loved Final Doom?

    i never got why so many seem to look down on TNT.... i think its the greatest batch of Doom levels ive played.... the map design just seems so much more advanced, creative, and inspired compared to ultimate doom and hell on earth, imo, which is certainly saying a LOT... personally i dont remember any bad levels from it, but a few of you are saying there were some clunkers that brought it down... im interested in which ones.... be a little specific?
  5. SunlapseVertigo

    Well it's been leaked

  6. SunlapseVertigo

    Robert Duffy says "1 gig of memory great for Doom 3"

    1 gig dual channel DDR 400mhz, 2.8 P4 w/HT, 9800xt 256mb, oh yeah
  7. SunlapseVertigo

    Music to listen to

    heh, i'm actually listening to them right now as well..... in the middle of "Tis doubt which leadeth to...."..... great stuff.
  8. SunlapseVertigo

    Music to listen to

    go to nurserycryme.net ,click the logo to enter, click the word "sight", then of the 4 icons, click on the left, then the middle, to go to the SH2 section.... theres a bunch of words, some are links, click the "listen" word and then go to the "notes" to get to all the creepy-as hell background music throughout the game. they all would fit, the two "hospital" tracks are my personal favs. it doesnt include the official soundtrack, but it basically has what the official ST doesn't..... i know there was one site where you could download it, but i cant remember or find it.... but thats okay, because all the creepy stuff is on nurserycryme.... but i would still look, because the OST has some pretty creepy stuff as well, like the music that plays while walking to the town, etc...
  9. SunlapseVertigo

    Music to listen to

    Silent Hill 2 music. "Hospitalization" for example, try to download it somewhere to see what i mean.
  10. SunlapseVertigo

    Doom vs Silent Hill

    thank you
  11. SunlapseVertigo

    Doom 1 or 2?

    best memories are from good old E1 shareware, so i guess its that tied with Evilution
  12. SunlapseVertigo

    Looks like they might have ditched the ultra-gay looking gibbing

    can anyone gimme a link to pics or a video of this "cheesy-lame-gibbing" that everyones talking about?
  13. SunlapseVertigo

    Doom vs Silent Hill

  14. SunlapseVertigo

    quake 3

  15. SunlapseVertigo

    What system did you have your 1st Doom expierence?

    yeah my Pentium 75 was top of the goddamn line when it came out, i was so cool. and it was friggin' expensive, but i didn't care because i was 9 and my parents bought it.