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  1. Ever whanted to know what a christain game is like? take a peek

    also, I have a fascination with 'Christianity Vs Movies/Videos/Games/books', articles written by über conservative Christians type people. it all started when I tripped over this review of doom by Christian Spotlight's gide to games (with I've posted on the Everything else fourm) and since then I can not help but try to find as many of them as I could find. I couldn't tell you why (Laughts I guess, ann we all just LOVE somthing to bitch about...

    so if you have found something like the review of doom I mentioned, Post it here! along with any hardcore Christian shenanigans you’d like to shear (be it from TV, Magazines, Friends, Family, or forums).

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    2. Grogglogobofink


      heh, reviews like that are hilarious.

    3. geekmarine


      Playing this game for one hour may be acceptable. Playing for many hours could be cause for anxiety and/or depression. Playing for hundreds of hours is getting you ready to take action against anyone who gets in your way.

      OMG Doom has ruined my life!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry in a corner. I knew I should have stopped playing after that first hour. Well, at least this review of Doom was halfway logical, as opposed to most of the garbage hardcore Christians spout out. Dammit, why didn't anyone tell me about the whole "when you die the camera pans out to a view of you being eaten" thing. [sarcasm]Is there some secret cheat you need to unlock this feature?[/sarcasm]

    4. auxois


      Hey, all of y'all that are tired of Christian nonsense and idiocy should sign up with the Extians. It's http://www.extian.org/ I believe.

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