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  1. I was walking home the other day, and I saw that a park had been vandalised.

    They seemed to be in favour of something called ‘wite power’ and they had placed some of the worlds most retarded looking swastikas, firstly, they backwards, strait (the nazi swastikas meant to be slanted,) and the sides where facing each other... I mean really, if you want to show your support for “adolf hitler” you should atleast learn to SPELL HIS NAME RIGHT.

    peace out.

    1. geekmarine


      Damn, that sucks. Well, I suppose it's fitting, considering the maximum possible intelligence of these people. Heh, personally I've been waiting for an excuse to go on a KKK ass-whipping spreee. I recently read these horrible stories from up in Missouri about some crap that's been going on up there lately, and it really pisses me off. God damned morons, don't deserve to live.

    2. deathz0r


      The almighty power of SMS.