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  1. Guess what game I just got my hands on.

    Ok. I had heard good things about Caslevania SOTN, but good god! This game completely sucked away my weekend!

    Do you know how long it's been since I've been unable to finish a game after one solid weekend of playing? This is insane! I'm only just half way through it!! That last game I played this solidly was Metal Gear solid 2, and I finished that the following morning!

    I'm afraid to start playing it again, because I know I will not stop until I collapse as 3:00 am tomorrow morning. Not even Super metroid has that effect on me.

    Damn you Konami! you have completely buggered up my sleeping/study/eating habits, and destroyed my free time even worse this time.

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    2. deathz0r


      When you finish it with over 180% (I think it's that), you get to play as Richter!

      My current savegames go as follows:

      Alucard: 208.1% (I'm too lazy to setup my PSX again, but it's somewhat close to that)
      Richter: Around 175%

      Oh and geek, if you have a Sega Saturn, you can get the Saturn version of SOTN, plus you can play as Maria! I don't think it was released outside Japan though.

    3. geekmarine


      Heh, I for damned sure don't have a Sega Saturn. I've actually never owned a Sega system throughout my life. I'm sort of a Nintendo fanboy. DIE FANBOYS DIE!!! Oh, right, I forgot, I hate fanboys... ugh, I don't feel so well. Well, at least I don't go around dissing the other systems and acknowledge that Nintendo is just my personal preference.

    4. Job


      Richter was better than Alucard. Even if you couldn't use those cheap item crashes. (dagger was my fave though, next to the axe)