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  1. I need an excuse to profess my undying love for SotNs’ Vandal Sword. The jolly fellow who appears after you slay a sword knight.

    Mawhahaha! Mawhahaha! Mawhahaha-OOOOoooooo...

    Uhh... anyone else?

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    2. Danarchy


      The Thorn from One Must Fall.

      Um, seriously though...lets see.

      That giant jumping robot in Duke Nukem...always scared the shit out of me. The bosses in Halloween Harry, especialy the one from the sewer level. Those horrible frogs from Jill of the Jungle...they made the coolest sound ever. Pretty much any enemy in Jill of the Jungle or Xargon, because they were weird and made cool sounds. A lot of the enemies on Hocus Pocus, especialy the evil penguins and those demons that looked like bull demons from Doom.

      Cant think of anything else.

    3. jute


      jill of the jungle was pretty fucking cool.

    4. Julian


      The evil tentacle in Days of the Tentacle... and the cow too.