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  1. If I was to steal a RPG and fired it at a milliary outpost because I was angry with the government, would that make me a terrorist?
    What if I grabbed a sniper rifle and picked off solders for the same reason? Or I sunk a milliary ship with explosives or something.

    The point is, if I decided only to hit milliary targets, provided I was acting alone or with a small grope of people, what’s the difference between terrorism and "legitimate" warfare?

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    2. Bucket


      The difference between terrorism and patriotism is success.

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      OK, so my next question: Would you class what’s going on in Iraq as a few incidents of terrorism or a (albeit poorly fought) civil war?

    4. Bucket


      That depends on your opinion regarding the present military force in Iraq having any business being there.