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  1. It is imposable to make fun of Gorge W Bush or Michael Jackson anymore.

    Why do people keep trying? You just can't make it funny.

    It's not because they don't deserve it, it's because they do! I mean, really, if you don't hate them now, you never will, There's nothing you can say that will surprise anyone about them. It’s been done to death people! Lets just kick there asses and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

    Sorry, just had to get that out.

    1. Bucket


      Excerpt from a Phil Collins interview in 1987:

      PLAYBOY: You mentioned Michael Jackson. What about him?

      COLLINS: I'm a fan of Michael's. It's extraordinary that he's lived as he has lived, to have been a huge star since he was five or six. We can't have any idea of what he thinks like, because he's never lived a nor-mal life. I met him. He was very nice, but it was like you didn't want to touch him, because he would break, you know. His story is probably a little tragic. Now he's going around with his white surgical mask on. I can't understand that at all. He doesn't want to be recognized, so he wears a white surgical mask, so everybody says, "There's Michael Jackson wearing a white surgical mask."

      Old joke indeed.