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  1. After a long reagin as king, system shock 2 has been defeated, and steps down to #2. Vice city has won my heart. She will bare my children.


    Everything good about GTA III...
    That is, a nice big city to do as you damn well please in. While Vice City isn't quite as geographically interesting as Liberty City, but it sure is bigger! And better looking! You can preform vigilantly missions! Taxi services! Ambulance missions! Fight fires! Obstacle courses! You can mug people! Mess around with remote controlled cars, find hidden packages, and go about most of the single player missions in almost anyway you see fit! And a hell of a lot of stuff to unlock!

    ...and more!
    On top of that, you can sell "ice creams", Stick up shops, beat up criminals that police are chasing, play with beach balls, buy up businesses, not to mention doing a lot of GTA III thing in an assortment of fun new vehicles,

    fun, fast nippy little things, of corse the are very easy to crash one, but they are just so much fun! They can also fit places cars cannot.

    Go anywhere! Use them to make a quick escape! Or just go cursing. It’s all good.

    Not quite as useful as Helicopters, but still a lot of fun. For when you want to go somewhere quickly (uhh, but you can’t leave quickly). Side note: I wish they’d included the wingless Dodo, sure it took a bit of skill to fly, but it was fun! (even if I could only fly it in a strait line)

    Looks great
    Despite the PS2’s technical limitations, it still looks great! The sunset over the ocean, the sparkling water, the cars, the bikes, the choppers, the rain, the light house in the distance, the detail! And it actually runs better the GTA III!

    The cheesy 80’s ness!
    There was a lot of things about the 80’s that blew, but none of it made it into the game! (except maybe the 80’s rap...) Tommie’s Hawaiian shirt! The dudes with the purple suit! The over abundance of pink and blue! The Degenatron! How could you not laugh when you nearly run over someone and they cry “Nice driving... NOT!”
    Totally Tubular!

    The Soundtrack
    “It’s not Pop music, it’s new wave!” Easily the best soundtrack in any game ever. Often I’d be going somewhere, when a good song would come on the radio, and I’d just drive around until it was over. Fuck the MP3 station; nothing beats crusading in your sports car while “sunglasses at night” is on the wireless. LONG LIVE WAVE 103! This is the only game I’ve actually sung along to. I wis you could unlock headphones or something so you could listen to the music when you’re running around.

    The Radio stations
    Awesome music aside, The Radio stations rule. 80’s Lazlow rocks (“I dropped out of school because I’m hardcore.”) Fernando has his own station! (“it shakes me up until I cannot remember if I am a man or a woman. But then I remember that I am Fernando Martinez... Mr. Fernando Martinez.”). and VCPR with Maurice Chavez… chatterbox has nothing on these guys. “New wave this pal!”

    Grant theft boats!
    Yeah, GTA III had boats, but Vice city has... more boats! Well, the boats play a bigger part this time, and it’s possible to “hijack” a boat now.

    the gangs!
    You have to love the Hessians and the Cubans! So you’re going to be killing a lot of them, but they’re still awesome! “Fight like men with big Cahoonas!”

    Lots of little things
    You can buy food to get health, you can shoot out tiers, and shoot people in there cars, the police use stingers now, you can deliver pizzas, you can go inside buildings, you can aid the police (when you not running from them) it has more weapons, and better AI. You can bail out of cars (something that you’ll really miss if you go back to GTA III). All the kick ass things Tommy says (You’ve got insurance, don’t be a prick!).

    *sigh* and much as I’m looking forward to San Andres, I doubt I’ll like it as much as Vice city. I’ll miss the 80’s ness. And I don’t remember anything great from the early 90’s being as cool. And it’s looking a bit to Gangsta for my likening. Call me shallow, but the theme of a game dose have an effect on how much I like it. Oh well.


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    2. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      yes, but as a result, i can't do fire fighters missions in portland. the fucking mafia keeps blowing the shit out of me.

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      I just had a thought; I want a GTA game set in the Clockwork orange Theme...

    4. Oh No Its Kyle

      Oh No Its Kyle

      You have no idea how much that would rock.