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  1. So there I was, in the video store right, when I saw the Army of Darkness DVD for a mere $20! “Huzzah!” I though, “I will finally be able to here this much hyped Audio commentary by none other then Bruce Campbell himself!” in my haste to hand over my cash, I failed to notice the M rating.

    When I arrived home, I fired up the old PS2 and picked up the Case. I spotted this oddity and thought to myself “Hmm, the video was rated R. Oh well I guess it’s just the OLFC being wired again.” As I sat through the movie I realised that they’d cut the buggery out of it! The windmill scene made no sense at all! Remember the awesome scene when ash stomps to the mini ashes singing ‘London bridge is falling down’? Gone! The other mini ashes just sort of disappear when he gets up. Instead of saying ‘Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun’, he says ‘I’m not that good’ What the fuck is that? The movies a chopped up mess. And the extras? Three deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer. And that’s it. No Audio commentary. I should have grabbed the Video when I had the chance.

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    2. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      The s-mart ending was cool until I saw the original ending. I purchased the Director's Cut DVD (number 30735 of 40000 made), it doesn't have any behind the scenes but it does have all the original scenes. Yes the extra scenes are grainer but I attribute that to the fact it probably got spliced in without as much care put into it as the theatrical release. It also ends with the apocalyptic ending, which works well with the original introduction, because s-mart is never mentioned. Unfortunately the original beginning is viewable in the menu and is not cut into the movie itself.

      Evil Dead II is still my favorite.

    3. Danarchy


      Mancubus II said:

      Evil Dead II is still my favorite.

      I agree. Nothing beats that scene where the entire room starts laughing at him.

    4. Arioch


      Captain Red said: