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    • Playing doom for the first time.
    • Beating doom for the first time.
    • Playing Jdoom for the first time with the PSX sounds and music.
    • Angel (the TV show).
    • Vice city played for the first time.
    • System Shock 2 played for the first time.
    • Victory after a very completive game of Quake 3/Unreal tournament (only on LAN though, not on-line)
    • That wonderful feeling you get when you beat an impossibly hard game/level.
    That said, any of the above activities combined with sex would be splendid.

    Yes. I am indeed a geek.

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    2. Danarchy


      Ultraviolet said:


      No, no. Thats rimJOB.

    3. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      Why did i even know in the first place?...

    4. deathbringer


      The one girl i have had sex with was shit, so some of those things actually where better. I havent done 'teh gay' yet at all, but as long as its with someone non-shit i'll see.