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  1. When I was growing up, everybody I knew had a Sega master system 2 with Alex kid in miracle world built in... Well everyone except me. I had my crummy old CGA computer. yay. I used to be over my mate across the rode house all the time where I played Alex kid all the time, I have such fond memories of that game. I think got as far as that forest. You know, the one with the bear in it? Yeah. For some reason, I remembered it as a really fun game. And by the time I got enough money to afford anything, the master system was long gone.

    I was also obsessed with this top down shooter called “Fireshark”, I’d only ever played on a coin operated machine at the local super market. I remember many a day stealing 20 cent pieces from me mums purse to play that game. I memorized the first level music (mostly because that was as far as I ever got). I soon discovered that this game was also available on Megadrive! Ahh holding that box in my hands and wishing like crazy I had a Megadrive.

    So here I am at the dawn of my adult years, and access to a wad of emulators and roms of games of old. So the first thing I did was download the to above mentioned games...

    Wow. Father time really took a beating to these guys. Maybe it was the face that these where among the first games I ever played, or maybe save state took the edge off them, but I really didn’t find them that interesting this time around. After raptor, Fireshark really wasn’t that impressive. And Alex kid? Man, what was I on? I still finished them both to make piece with my inner child, but I have no idea what made me think they where such brilliant games. I guess they weren’t terrible, but the symbol of my youth and innocence was a bit of a let down

    Anyone else been through something like this? That is, loved a game as a child, not had access to it for years, and when you finally get another crack at it, discover that the child version of yourself was a bit too easily impressed?

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    2. Bloodshedder


      FCE Ultra is a Windows-based NES emulator. Other decent choices are NESten (as mentioned), RockNESX, and Nestopia.

    3. Grimm


      Daniziah, VDMsound. It will almost certainly run it

    4. Sephiroth


      don't forget nesticle, its testicle with an N! my friend had that one for a long ass time, seemed to work rather well for him.

      for dos games i use DOSemu or i boot up my DOS box.

      one game i love from atari, 5200, is breakout. that game i can play for a while.