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  1. WWII FPS. What the hell? remember when for like 8 years the only WWII FPS was Wolfenstein? then medal of honour had a PC release, and they where all over the freaking place.

    I like killing Nazis. I really do. I liked Wolfenstein. it was fun. I LOVED Medal of honour on PSX, sure, the levels where basically a big line, it couldn't handle more then three badguys at a time, it was almost always night time, or inside a dark warehouse, or some place where you couldn't ten or so meters in front of you, an d AI was... strange... (they weren't sure how to handle grenades... sometimes, the kicked it back at you, sometime they laid down on top of it to sheald there comrades... even if there weren't any around, sometimes they ran away from it into a wall. they always stopped shooting at you until it exploded.) Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a blast (I loved the Indiana Jones inspired plot), and Medal of honour: Frontline was awesome!

    After that it started to go down hill. allied assault was OK, but Frontline was way more fun. probably because Frontline didn't overdo it with scripted sequences. and the superhuman inviable snipers, and the annoying D-Day landing mission.

    Critics hated Rising Sun. I didn't. but again, it wasn't as fun as previous MOH titles.

    then this Call of Duty bullocks started. first off, it has that retarded growing cross hair. you know, if you want to be more accurate, you have to sit still for for a few seconds? that bugs the crap out of me. Is that supposed to be realistic? it's bullshit. I don't want to sit still to hit what I'm aiming at, I want to run across the room and hit five Nazis in the head in five shots.

    Secondly, annoying sudden death. you seem to have the same health as the bad guys do. so there many instances where you're going to have to die a bunch of time just to figure out where the bad guys are. that's not fun or challenging. that's annoying "load and learn" bullocks. you might as well have a mission where you have to find your way through a mine field. and why can you're squad mates survive 8 or 9 grenade blasts?

    ah yes, you're squad mates. well I can't really complain about them, mostly because they did the job for me on the 'annoying sudden death' bits. seriously, I just found a place to hide and waited for baddies to die/reinforcements to arrive /building to get cleared. Meaning that I didn't really play the game.

    To tell you the truth, Call of Duty for me is like counter-strike online.

    *sigh* counter-strike... Why is everyone in the world better at this game then I am?

    I'm not the best gamer in the world. but I'm OK. I can hold my own. I can win the odd skulltag and halo deathmatch online, when I play LAN Unreal Tournament ageist my friends, I do pretty well. sure, I don't own them, but I'm always near the top of the ladder. But when they switch to counter-strike, suddenly, I suck unbelievably. I can't hit shit. If I meet somebody it's pure luck if I can take them down. And sniper rifles? Forget it. Even that n00b cannon (AW/P).

    Is there some kind wired secret to playing counter-strike? why is it, that at medium range I can unload entire clips and hit nothing, while my opponent can get the fabled 'Headshot' in one or two clicks?

    Why can everyone else master that horrible growing crosshairs type gameplay while I'm stuck in pre-1999 FPS mode? I donno. The problem is that with my LAN buddies, I REALLY have to fight to play anything other then counter-strike. Typically, for every hour of any non-counter-strike game, well spend three hours on counter-strike (and mostly on de_dust FFS). It might sound a little self-centered, but I don't like games I'm not good at. Geez, I don't mind not winning, but getting ass kicked over and over is a bit demoralizing :(.

    Battlefield 1942 is awesome
    Battlefield is the kind of game I always wanted ever since I knew multilayer existed. Sure, its got that retarded growing crosshair, but I can forgive it because I can camp like a little bitch near planes with my anti-armor, and blow the shit out of would be pilots on theBattle of Britain map. Tanks are fun to. Especially on the deserty type maps when you can form squads of tanks and rush capture points.

    Still, there are things that bug me about it:
    That fucking growing crosshair bullshit that everybody mastered except me. It's not too bad here, but I'd be happier without it.

    Rifles are useless if you have any lag at all. I know that's the case with almost all games but here epically on account needing to lead your shots. It really annoys me here because of people with great connections hitting me all the time.

    Spawn point camping. LAME.

    Helicopters are a bitch to fly. I'm mostly referring to DC, but it also applies to the ones in secret weapons of WWII. It that another retarded attempt at realism? LAME.

    Being a lone assault trooper and being jumped by a tank. You're fucked. You can hide from planes, you have a fighting chance ageist infantry , but unless your an anti-amour or engineer, you're fried chicken if you meet a tank. And even if you're anti-amour or engineer, you're still fucked.

    I'm not a big WWII buff. Battlefield 1942 is just a good game. The fact that it's set in WWII means shit to me. What I'd like to see is a mod for it that's set in the Command & Conquer Generals universe (or something like it), with ultra arcadey style handling for the tanks, planes, and helicopters. Think mercenaries, but with wacky toxin tractors and lazer tanks. Well I'd think it's be fun.

    Alright. Just had to get that out of my system. Feel free to ignore it.

    Or give me some CS tips. I really need them, like how am I supposed to hit shit with that messed up growing crosshair.


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    2. Avenging Angel

      Avenging Angel

      Ninja_of_DooM said:

      Are you kidding me? That guy was the easiest boss I've faced in ages. Use the panzerfaust on him to start with then strafe-run around him while firing the venom gun at him. Piece of cake, even on 'I am death incarnate' mode.

      Lol to you and the Capn'......but the sad truth is I hate trying to circle strafe. I shoot, run to a safe spot, and then repeat. Damn, it sucks but it works sometimes, dammnit. ;)

    3. Ninja_of_DooM


      Apart from that, I've noticed that running away too far will make him summon ghosts which darken the screen when they get to you. And worse, they never seem to stop coming once they're started.

    4. Avenging Angel

      Avenging Angel

      Ninja_of_DooM said:

      Apart from that, I've noticed that running away too far will make him summon ghosts which darken the screen when they get to you. And worse, they never seem to stop coming once they're started.

      Didn't he also have that earthquake attack? I remember him beating the crap out of me every time I entered that large canyon area to fight him. Nowhere good to hide, you see. ;)