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  1. Anyone played that Goldeneye remake yet? If so, how much is it like Call of Duty?

    It's probably just my fondness for the N64 game talking but the remake looks kind of interesting to me, and I haven't brought a game for my wii in months. The thing that gives my pause is that people have compared it to the Call of Duty series. I hate Call of Duty's campaign for reasons I'll get to later in this rant, and I'm not interested in paying almost $100 for Modern Warfare with James Bond and blurry graphics, but I am interested in playing a touched up goldeneye with better graphics, better controls and a few modern features.

    I've heard some good things, apparently it uses the nunchuck pretty well, manages stealth in a similar way to the original game and you can switch off recharging health in favor of the classic "find a bullet proof vest or fuck you" health management, but it also looks to have some of the dumber modern FPS features...
    Now, I can deal with Quick time events (why publishers have such a hard on of for these things we may never know), I can deal with a cover system (the original game sort of had one as well) and I can deal with parts of the games being so scripted they may as well be one of those rail shooter FMV titles from the mid 90's. but I never really cared for the way the Call of Duty games handle the running around and shooting parts of the game for the following reasons:

    First of all, I work alone. I don't need back up, I'm James fucking Bond! Why on earth would I want to share the glory with some other prick? I want to take my time to line up perfect nut shot on that particular guard without my AI 'buddies' shitting on my fun by killing him for me with some boring head shot. Fuck you asshole! Quit playing the game for me!

    Secondly, I don't want to constantly be sticking to a narrow path and being directed the whole time, Let me explore a bit will ya? I want to poke around the villains lair on my own. Sticking to a tightly controlled path so the level designers can show me "bitchin' scripted sequence(tm) #21" makes me feel less like super secrete agent man and more like I'm on action themed carnival ride. *Yawn*. I'm not asking for Deus Ex or anything here, Scripted sequences are fine, but this is an interactive medium here, let me fucking interact. let me see that beautiful structure the level designers probably spent days perfecting from more then just the one angle. Let do a bit of backtracking if I want to, let me take my time and shoot every console, break every window and smash every crate in the level, you know, like I could in the ORIGINAL game!

    and finally, constant respawing enemies; no, No, NO! I fucking HATED modern warfare for this bullshit! What is the point of shooting a guard if he's just going to be replaced by another one immediately afterwords over an over till I step across some arbitrary trigger? Give my maps with a set number of bad guys to kill and let me go about killing them at a pace I see fit. I know the orignal goldeneye had respawing enemies, but it was only if you fucked up, it wasn't %90 of the damn game.

    I'd imagine that all these elements I've bitched about will be in the game at some point (it IS made by activation after all), but what I want to know is will most of the game be like that? Surly one of you has the game by now. So I ask, If some hated Call of duty, will they hate the goldeneye remake? Would you recommend this game?

    PS I don't care about multiplayer. Not in the original or the remanke.

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    2. Philnemba


      *Please delete*

    3. Csonicgo


      DuckReconMajor said:

      What? This doesn't make sense. That's why people are nostalgic about it. People don't remember their first microwave because it reminded them of the oven days. They like it because it was new it was really new.

      I love this quote.

    4. Dragonsbrethren


      Captain Red said:

      What it is not is anything like Goldeneye 64. Xeros612 said that it doesn't need a remake, but I actually disagree: Goldeneye 64 has ages horribly, the controls SUCK, the frame rate is choppy if things get hectic, the ai could use a tweak here and there and higher res graphics wouldn't hurt either.

      Yeah, I guess it would've been pretty nice if the 360 remake was able to come out for those reasons, though I was pretty underwhelmed with that when it was shown. It's like two extremes here, either a direct port which somehow makes the game's outdated elements that much more noticeable than playing the original, or a remake that has almost nothing in common with the original.

      I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard enough good things about the game that I'm probably going to pick it up. Still, it'll never come anywhere close to the original. In the end, it is just a cash in, even with the effort they put into it. I love the fact that they brought the original GoldenEye screenplay writer on to write the game's storyline, for example.

      For the people saying Perfect Dark was better, check this out:


      Still in early development, and it's currently multiplayer only, but it's essentially GoldenEye running on Perfect Dark's engine.