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  1. sean773

    Error 75 while loading map

    Ok, I need help. In DoomBuilder everytime I try to open a map or make a new one.. I get this error "Error 75 while loading map path/file access error" I couldnt find any help online (the doombuilder site REALLY needs a troubleshooting section). Thanks in advance
  2. sean773

    Doom 95 Levels

    Made it a jpg..
  3. sean773

    Doom 95 Levels

    Ok..I need some help here. I just made a wad map with doom builder. How do I play that map? I have the wad saved into the correct folder, and I can select it under the custom wad..but when I play it is just the normal doom 2 levels. Help please http://www.boomspeed.com/sean74f/doomhelp.jpg
  4. sean773

    Want to get into doom again...

    Thanks for the help so far. Grazza, I dont have the original wad with the normal level, I only have custom ones. Ok, ill admit, i am running a warez version that i got and ti doesnt come with the original wad, but dont worry im going to delete it and buy the full versiopn. On ID softwares website, http://www.idsoftware.com/games/doom/doom-ultimate/ that is the oen with the original version right? sryr for typos im running late for school
  5. Hello, first let me introduce myself. My name is sean, and im 14 years old. I remember playing doom when I was really young..my friends dad worked with computers and he would always let me and my friend play doom. Those were the good old days, when nomatter how hard we tried we couldnt open doom through DOS without his dads help. Well, a few 8 or 9 years later, and here I am wanting to play again. First, I have a few questions (i know there is the faq..but i just feel better having a topic about it). First of all, what is a good fairly easy to use level editor that I should get? Second, my comp is running windows 2000, and I have verizon dsl..is there anyway I can get online without having to pay for a service? 3rd, What exatcly are WADS. 4th, where is the best place I can get the original version of doom that would work on windows 2000. I know its alot of questions, but please help. THanks in advance.
  6. sean773

    WAD and version help

    Ok, two questions. First, how can I tell which version my doom 95 is. Second, I lost the original doom.wad with the normal levels in it..where can I get this? Thanks in advance.