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  1. In a video game that is...
    I was playing hitman contracts and i was on the mission "Traditions of the trade"I went to the right as soon as i entered the hotel lobby and then to the closed area of the Hotel.I started walking down the hall where the poilce officer is holed up in one of the rooms and there it is.It goes through the wall and into the officers room(Which is locked) but thats the last thing i saw.

    did anyone else that played hitman contracts see that or am i just talking crazy...

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    2. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      I saw some ghosts in HR map 26 and Requiem map 23.

    3. Dco16


      I saw the twns from The Shining in the condemned building level of Blood 2:The Chosen.

    4. Ichor


      Sell it on ebay for tons of money.