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Hello there!


I am some Polish Shmuck that looks like SJW's worst nightmare.

I am also an owner of the lifelong R-word pass due to having Autism (doctor checked).

Since May 2020, I have been making WAD reviews based on the ones declared as best/the most memorable by this site, both from Top 100 WADs of All Time and Cacowards (not counting Deathmatch maps and the Worst WAD winners), on my Tumblr account (I know, not the best place to do these). It's under the title Doom WADs’ Roulette.

Here is a link to my channel: ==> Filth

Just a little warning though: That channel is connected with Homestuck (I was doing reviews related to this webcomic/franchise before Doom WADs) so if you have an allergy to that content, you can freely blacklist it.

CURRENTLY REVIEWING: Cacowards 2009 roster