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  1. m39

    Daedalus: Alien Defense

    Look. I know that many people enjoyed playing this MegaWAD due to what it is, but for me, when compared to Icarus: Alien Vanguard, Daedalus: Alien Defense felt like a slap to the face. It does look good, but this is the only subject that I will have mostly positive things to talk about. The music isn't too bad but the restriction to like 6 or 7 tracks makes me sick of listening to it (not to mention how they are short for such maps IMO). While I don't mind hub-style gameplay, here, it kind of feels like it requires licking off every part of a map to find one item/terminal/switch to go further. The difficulty might feel easy (most of the time, on HMP) but artificially increasing it with stealth enemies and respawning enemies as more of a punishment for not knowing where to go sucks out my enjoyment tremendously. Not to mention how it feels unfinished with missing textures here and there, and how the end of Daedalus feels completely from a different WAD, with custom monsters and a new weapon that we don't use until MAP32. As I said, Daedalus might look good by the end of 2003, and it may have interesting moments but I don't think I'll touch this MegaWAD ever again. There are dozens of better WADs/maps than this one.
  2. I swear, if Cyriak's Overboard will not win one of the Cacowards, I'll go insane.
  3. Hello there. This is the list of my favorite WADs that were first released in the 1990s based on this site's Top 100 WADs of All Time. Disclaimer: The list is split between WADs that require a limit-removing source port and those that don't need it. I personally count seven types of WADs: Six of these are based on the number of maps they have. The last type is based on Partial and Total Conversions. These choices were based on how much fun I had with these WADs. Some of these WADs are here because they were the only type of these kinds of WADs on the original list, thus, they are here by default. Now, since that's out of the way, here are my choices: VANILLA: 1 map - Dickie 10 (1998) 2-7 maps - Phobos (1998) Episode Replacement AKA 8-9 maps - Dawn of the Dead (1997) 10-19 maps - Dystopia 3: Re-Birth of Anarchy (1996) 20-29 maps - The Talosian Incident (1997 – Victory by default.) 30-32 maps - Requiem (1997) Conversion - STRAIN (1997) LIMIT-REMOVED: 1 map - Jägermörder 1: Chemical Lab (1999) 2-7 maps - Assault on Tei Tenga (1999 – Victory by default.) 30-32 maps - Herian 2 (1999 - Victory by default. WARNING: Insane moon logic puzzles.) Conversion - Twilight Warrior (1999 - Victory by default.) And that's my list. If you are interested, you can share your own personal 1990s favorites below. Happy that I played most of the 1990s WADs from this site's list, and I can't wait to see what the 2000s WADs from both the Top 100 list and Cacowards have to offer.
  4. It's actually working! Thanks!
  5. Hey. I tried to unzip the file that contained Herian 2 for my review series on Doom WADs (downloaded from the Database). Unfortunately, the WAD file itself refuses to copy itself out of the zipped file (the rest of its content comes out perfectly fine). So, I'm here to ask for help. I wonder is there anything/any possible way to get the WAD file that is uncorrupted/unzipped from the Internet. I really would be glad to know the answer.
  6. This file doesn't work. I think it's basically the same as from the Database.