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    DOOM 2 MOD RELEASED! - VertigoRealm.pk3

    I like It, thank you !!!
  2. Hi, sorry for write in a "more than 3 months since last post thread" thank you for this great megawad, I only want to know if the following files are neccesary if I am playing in Gzdoom/Lzdoom: jth2.dbs jth2.deh jth2.whacked I didn't find information about those in the jth2.txt file.
  3. Sorry for the basic question, how can I make this awesome package work in Gzdoom or Lzdoom? I tried to change the extension to .pk3 and load it with ZDL 3.2.2, but in Doom 2 doesn't work at all and in Doom 1 only some textures changed.

    Deep Space Thruster (Boom map)

    Thank you for the map, just a silly question, what is an AV jump? I didn't find any video on Youtube of that sort of thing.
  5. Looks fantastic! excellent work man, thank you!
  6. This mapset looks really good, please, re-release it, pleaaaaaase.

    Fragport Midi Pack

    Thank you man, I will enjoy that midi songs !!

    1000 Lines 3: Community Project - V1.0 Released

    Hi guys, thank you for such great project !!! I just have one question, do I need the following files to play in LZDoom (Raspberry PI 4) or GZDoom (PC)? -1k3v1.0.deh -1K3_Doom2Doom.cfg -1K3_things.cfg
  9. Heyyyy !! I love Heretic, in fact, I played Heretic years before Doom, this is a great MegaWad, thank you man !!!