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  1. Nancy_13


    Hello everyone, Mmmm, i never thought wavelength would return. Anyhoo, this green powerranger thing is quite scary, if I ever see a tv show that's supposed to be doom but it's as sad as powerrangers, I'd take that as an offence. The running around with a chainsaw thing sounds cool, I'd have to see that (Scaring little children >:-D) I don't think that guy looks anything like the doom guy, and what is doomguys real name? Are we doomed to call the doomguy... well... doomguy? Okay, just a thought, I'll be off now.
  2. Nancy_13

    A Manga Doom TC

    Okay, now I've thought it thru, it' a really bad idea. It would be nice to see a manga Doom TC, but It wont' be coming from me.
  3. Nancy_13


    Okay, I think this is obveously edge cus it uses the room over room type 3d thing which only legecy and edge have as far as I know (maybe others do, oh well, nevermind) and yeah, Fanatic uses edge alot. But, Mr Pullen, can you email me? I love your stuff, your music is great and your quake TC had me thinking I was playing quake (even though you use sprites, it still has the quake feel). I'm interested to know what you use for your music, I'd like to create real music (not midis) using my mean guitar and stuff :-D. This does look nice, keep up the good work.
  4. Nancy_13

    A Manga Doom TC

    Hi, Well, I watch alot of japanese Mangas and I love the art work, and it's really gory and everything, so, wouldn't it be cool if someone was to create afill Doom TC with everycharector (sprites and weapons) done as manga art. Now, I'm not on about just doing a Manga imp, I mean, completely differant charectors but in the style of japenese manga. Ok, what I'd like is to start a doom team that creates TC's in that style. so, what I'm looking for is a Manga artist that could create some cool animated sprites (more than onee is great) a really good level designer that can create good scripted levels for Zdoom (obveosly, one or two of these), a good texture person that could create textures to go with this manga theme (more than one would be better cus it would be the type of thing of hardly any original doom textures remaining), a sound FX person that could do some cool sounds, from demonic to robotic to bizzare, etc... I would be the team leader and I'd make the music and maybe one or two (maybe a few more) levels. The TC's that we do make should have a good story too, with good charectors (definately interactive NPC's) and the story should progress as you go along and get you involved, but because this would be manga, there would have to be some nice big weapons, lot's of blood and some cool action. The stories would be quite sci-fi with some bizzare things in, but also the levels would probobly be hub based, maybe one big hub (like strife). So, i don't know if anyone would be interested, but if you are, let me know, this is just an idea, but it would be cool.
  5. Nancy_13


    I'm impressed, it looks like it uses brushes rather than sectors, vertecs and lindefs, wow, and the lighting is nice, very dark, I like darkness :-D I hope to see a TC like this one day :-D
  6. Nancy_13


    Yeah, what's with this, I keep on getting it too, can anybody help (yeah, let's help each other first, THEN KILL EACH OTHER!!!! :-D (I am joking, no need for anyone to take offence).
  7. Nancy_13


    Oh, dear, you've got me wrong, i didn't caompare the two, I knoe wavelength is peobobly incorrect, and I like the intelligent comments that hyena cam up with. (ha ha, a paragraph :-D) I just thought it was cool and interesting that some huge war had mounted from this single picture, it seems that alot of people like to hate each other, I mean, my reception hasn't been the best from fredrik. Sorry abot the bad spelling, punctuation ect... As for that page, I wasn't holding Hyena responsible, I just thought it was really cool, I liked it. So, hyenba is a lkevel author, that's cool (come on, let's change subject now, all this hate and backbiting is becoming old), Yeah, I'd like to play some of his levels, and you say he's a musician! Wow, this guy is going straight to the top of my list, I'm a bit of a musician, I like to create midios and stuff for doom and other game's, I'm not the best, but I am proud of some of my creations. As for the picture i don't understand why people have felt thwe need to critisize this poor man (The guy in the picture, not this silly wavelength person) I'm sure anyone could critisize anyone on here if they saw a picture, let's all love each other and prance around in fields killing every motherfucker thats in our way with big guns and axes and CHAINSAWS!!!!!! Mw maa haaaaaaaaa &gt;:-D <font size=1><samp>sorry, been playing too much doom :-D</samp></font> I'll be off now, I have a cyberdemon to slay :-D
  8. Nancy_13

    Roll Call!

    I'm from england!! :-D Full metal jacket is kay, but I hate the fact that "piles is constantly given shit cus of the way he is (it's not his fault, and that drill instructer deserved every bit he got). I don't like the idea that to be the ultimate bad ass you must be stripped from all your inmdividuality to become a slave to your country, but that's me, just ignore it :-D
  9. Nancy_13

    more doom analysis

    Doom is good, I do like the original 3 episodes (a;lthough I played doom shareware too long and I lost interest in the first episode) My favorites are 2 and 3, they are cool and now you mention it, do have a certain something that has never been recreated. Doom is easy on uv, but the 4th episde (that had a good feel to it, I liked it) was sereously hard, at least, the first few levels were. Has anyone noticed that doom episodes start off hjrd but get easier, take doom2 for example, that starts off so easy, then gets really hard but in the last part (from level21) it is just so numbingly easy (it should end at level 20). The doom 2 levels do have their own feel that has not been matched yet too, id's map makers sure do have a certain skill that most out of id mappers lack, and we will probobly never match it, what I think, is that every mapper has their own style that creates it's own feel, and to try and mimmick someone elses style wont be as effective, we only like the original levels more cus they are the originals, but outside levels are juat as good, but in there own way. Okay, I'm rambling, I'll shut up...
  10. Well, okay Doom +lot's of evil shit like bodies hanging from ceilings +A nice veriaty of beasties to keep you occupied (Doom 2 that is) +Good weapons -levels were good, but they came after each other with afeeling that there was something missing between (i know what I mean :-D) -trying to walk over monsters in the original was quite silly -Doomguy? his that his name, who is this mysteriouse man (apart from the charector in the game, I mean, who is he? or maybe even she, it could happen you know :-D). Duke3d +Very nice levels with a sortof link between (I really like that) +lot's of nice blood +Some very impressive and nice effects (they were veryt impressive and nice too :-D) -Duke is a pervert -weapons were kinda strange -completely shit badguys there you go, that's my opinions on these two games.
  11. Nancy_13


    This is quite something, I've read all of these replies and it's amaizing what's evolved, it's like some creature of some dark force has been created from just the simpelest things, but that's how all bad things start, from a thought which shoots off otherpeoples thoughts on something that is slightly relevent that shoots off other peoples thoughts, etc... and we end up with something that is totally differant, man, this is cool. I'd like to have a conversation with this w@velength and with Hyena (Personally, I like hyena more, but that's my opinion) email me, both of you, email me at twiggy_reznor2000@yahoo.co.uk this is cool and hyena, that web page, the fire warriors thing, I love it! :-D Doom is a great game though, and this picture is quite cool, it shows that doom is still allive :-D, I love germans, I'm english myself, but I love the band Rammstein and I have nothing against germans (Even though hitler is a very bad man, I hte people that regect or think they can kill because of someone beleifs) but that's in the past and has nothing to do with most germans. As for walf, I think even most germans would enjoy killing Nazis, it's probobly band because Nazis are german and it's a part of their past (we all do badf things, but it's our past, and it's what's made us us) now if you mention germans, i bet most people will think of nazis or even a little thought of this, but it's no one fault, thwere is no one to blame (excuse the bad typing :-D), That guy looks coo, and I've always thought that being a nerd is a good thing (they are, to my experianc, people that work hard to go far in life, now is that bad thing?) That guy looks cool though, it's good to see that doom is alive and well :-D. This is Nancy, sighning out :-D
  12. Nancy_13

    So, what can I do with Zdoom?

    Okay, I love the sorce port Zdoom, it's really cool and it's editing resources are great. I would like to know all the tricks that I can get out of Zdoom, I've played Zan zan and that is just amaizing, but I'm sure they use a little more than Dehacked. That is GL though, so it's not important. I already know that you can make splashing water and stuff, but how would you make lava burn whikle your still on it (like hexen and heretic)? Is it possible to make cacos have blue blood and barons have green? I had a wad with advanced scripting for zdoom, and it had a fan that speeded up and stuff and glass and that, but I've lost the wad, anyone know the link? Can you make drips and dripping blood (for a sewer level or wet level, like strife and hexen)? That's about it for now, can anyone help?
  13. Nancy_13

    ZDoomGL MD2's?

    Thanx alot for that, I've downloaded it and it wil definately come in handy :-), as for MD2's, have you played Zanan recntly, that is amaizing, it's of new game standard, very impressive, but the version I have keeps on locking up and crashing, but what I've played is cool, I'd like to do a bit of MD2 modeling, and do something really cool with doom :-).
  14. Nancy_13


    What is it, it uses the same texture, that's kinda boring.
  15. Nancy_13

    ZDoom hubs / TC's?

    Hay, Enjay, that TC thing looks f**kin amaizing, wow, I'm so impressed, will the whole thing be available with all levels and stuff anytime soon? Although, it looks very big, and it would take a couple of decades to download using my poor 56k modem :-D, but, yeah, I'm very interested in this, and the enemies look cool too (even though they were ripped from other games, but I like it when that happens, although it can be boring if it's the monsters with no modifications, but these aren't, so, that's cool). I like the british thing, that's cool and the city levels look really good (actually, all the levels look really good). I've also downloaded your two levels on your site, amd i'll tell you my opinion on them later :-D.