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  1. PanDaemonAeon

    Question on Wintex

    Hello once again. If you know anyone who knows their way around Wintex 4.3, could you AOL instant message me at "ProsetotheDamned". I need someone to help me work around WIntex. thank you.
  2. PanDaemonAeon

    What can i use?

    What is the best program for editing sprites, sounds, etc? i want to redo my cutsom doom wads to where when you start Doom ][, it comes up with a whole new title logo i did on adobe photoshop, character profile at the bottom, what the guns look like, etc. could someone help me? thanks a bunch.
  3. PanDaemonAeon

    Help me on Doom Builder. PLEASE.

    Allright, i get the level mapped out. i Use the newest version of doombuilder. I get the levels layed out right. put the starts, make the exit and do not have any doors and it still brings up the regular dooom 2 game when i test play it. wtf am i doing wrong? can someone PLEASE instant message me on AOL @ MidwinterFrost. I appreciate your help. thank you. :)