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  1. Yes, so for the past week my CD burner has decided it would like to read regular CDs but not blank ones. The PC thinks nothing is wrong with the burner, so I'm completely stumped. My only thought is replacing the burner.

    Well, I bought this PC before I learned how to build one, so hey I have a warranty on it. I made a nice call to the shop where we bought it and they say "What's the problem with it?"

    So I tell them and ask if I can just pick up a new burner to replace myself. See, I had one replaced a year before and it took them a week to do so. Oh but no, the lady tells me.

    "Well, we cannot do that. If you open up the machine and fix the problem yourself then it voids the warranty. You have to bring it into our shop and after a two week waiting period we'll assess the situation."

    So I was like "What's there to assess? The burner won't read blank CDs but it will read regular ones."

    "We still have to assess the situation and we'll get back with you after two weeks."

    Needless to say since I'm online, I haven't taken my machine in. *hugs "Purply"*

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    2. Danarchy


      Arckra said:

      HP CD writer

      Heh, thats what I use. Came with my burner (hp 8200). VERY fickle.

    3. Arckra


      Danarchy said:

      Heh, thats what I use. Came with my burner (hp 8200). VERY fickle.

      Yeah, it can be a butt sometimes, but that's why I use Windows Media. :D

    4. kain


      i would rather have a lite-on. they are the best. period.