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  1. Yes, I am seriously happy that I'm doing good this time around on Neopets. There's currently a war going on in the site where people's pets have to fight CPU enemies. I've gotten over 170 war points (1 point per win) and this is the latest battle I've fought in. I think we're fresh out of enemies, or at least the tough ones.

    117 / 178
    Power 40%

    Skeith Soldiers
    0 / 103
    Power 100%

    Vincent_Valentine13 On the last move... Skeith Soldiers
    You clamp down on Skeith Soldiers with your Pocket Gnashers!

    You sneak up behind Skeith Soldiers and stab at them with the Lost Desert Dagger!

    Skeith Soldiers has gained 3 hit points from the power of the Genie Orb!

    Skeith Soldiers throws an Forest Arrow at you with great accuracy!

    Skeith Soldiers uses their Aura against you!

    You defend yourself against Skeith Soldiers's physical attack by Burrowing into the ground!

    Skeith Soldiers heals! (3 hp)

    1 hp Damage:
    21 hp

    Quoth Skeith Soldiers:
    I am a great warrior, what are you?

    You have beaten Skeith Soldiers!
    You have won this fight!

    *snicker snicker* In case you haven't noticed my pet is Vincent_Valentine13. I did the 21 Hp damage and got 1 Hp done on me. I know this battle looks pretty sorry, but he's only a second level opponent and no real tactics are involved in these battles. Its just pure endurance on my part.

    And those weapons I'm using are two of the sorriest weapons to exist on the site. I'm just seeing how far I can get with just using them and absolutely no healing items. Sure I could have 400 war points like every one else who battles like I do, but eh this is much more amusing.

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    2. Arckra


      Meep? *looks lost and pokes a random someone*

    3. rf`


      Arckra, have you done any furry self-portraits?

    4. Arckra


      Hm, no, but I probably should. ^^; I bet I could if I can get a hold of one of my days when I was dressed up in my full goth outfit. (Sometimes I'm too lazy to go all out.)

      I guess I'll work on that next after the Neopian Beauty Contest starts.