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  1. Hehe, yeup today is May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, my birthday. :D I'm 18 now and all. We had this huge celebration at school today since May 5th is a sort of holiday in Texas and Mexico.

    We played games and such with our team members and had a picnic. I was a part of the tug-a-war team. Heh, we lost though on our first round. There are only three guys total on our team and the others had a good number of them. So, it was 7 girls and 3 guys on our team vs. a team with 5 guys and 5 girls. Plus, all of the guys were in their football shoes so... yeah we lost good.

    Anyhow... I had a semi good day. I just had a not so nice message waiting for me when I got home, but we won't get into that crap.

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    2. Ichor
    3. Sephiroth


      i prefer the cake on the end of a cacodemon's wang, who ever the hell made that.

      may 5th i believe is mexico's independence day.

    4. Arckra


      September 16 is Mexico's Independence Day. May 5th is to celebrate the battle that the Mexicans won against a band of retarded French dudes.

      Thank you for the belated wishes.

      Heh, as for the thing that made my day sour yesterday its escalated. I know I'm going to get it for this but eh, here's what happened yesterday.

      As many of you know, I play NutrinoPets (virtual petsite) and somehow due to a glitch I have five pets instead of the allowed four. A staff member once asked how I got my fifth pet and he said he wasn't going to make me give it up but now a mod is making a big deal about it.

      First, he mailed me saying how I was going against the rules and I should be rid of the pet asap. I replied with that I've already asked a staff member about it and I wouldn't be bothered. Well, here are the replies he sent me.

      medicjoe95: Re: pets


      If you not delete it, it IS a bannable offence.. And also, I am a staff member, well, pretty much, I'm employed by NuP and work here... not as a real paying job, but this is my only job except for school.

      -Nutrinopets Moderator

      Well then I replied with once again reminding him that one of the staff members was alright with it and I would be contacting the others about the situation. Then, he replied again.

      medicjoe95: Re: pets


      The reason I am taking actions about this is because users are seeing your lookup to find you have 5 pets, this is a semi-seroius matter, and If you could just simply put him/her, any of of your 5 in the pound - I will pay you to 3500 lol... If you wish, put something in your shop for 3500 and i will purchase it...

      -Nutrinopets Moderator

      So then, I replied again that everyone who's asked about my fifth pet hasn't been angry about it. Then I once again stated that I'll be contacting the staff about the matter. Then I apologized for seeming very rude and unruly in not wanting to give up my fifth pet.

      medicjoe95: Re: pets


      I do not see you as any of that, just - I rather not have to take actions, what you are doing is against the rules, if you wish. I will take your pet for you, and when the issue gets resolved, I will return it to you...

      But, until then, I'm greatly asking you to put it in the pound, or leave it to somebody...

      -Nutrinopets Moderator

      Heh, I haven't replied to that one, but I heard from my mod friend that he's causing a scene with other mods about me and is demanding that the staff has me remove the pet. I don't understand why some people can't leave me alone. I was getting along peacefully there til now.

      O.o Yeah, it may seem trivial to the lot of you, but I don't like being singled out like that. I mean, I didn't CHEAT to mess with my account. It was a glitch that affected my account. *sigh* Plus, I think he was highly out of line about the whole issue. Its not up to him to speak to members like that when it should be a staff member's job.