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  1. I seriously think I'm dyslexic. Ever since I was little I use to confuse similarly spelled words such as untie and unite.

    I was surfing earlier and passed over this shirt reading "Dyslexics of the world untie" and I was like "Oh wow, they're uniting." Then I thought for a moment and gazed at the word for a long moment. "Oh crap, that's untie!"

    I don't know... there has to be some sort of test for it. I just don't feel like going to a doctor or anything. I don't spell words backwards, but I often misread them and take them to be something else.

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    2. Thesmellyone 2

      Thesmellyone 2

      Maybe he'd speak normally..,

    3. zark


      kainsnotleaving said:

      sux for joo

      It's really really sad and pathetic that you keep registering on an internet message board for a 10 year old video game every time you get banned. Don't you have a life? Obviously not. Do us all a favour and go get a life, please.

    4. rf`


      Ichor said:

      ...wonders what a dyslexic Yoda would sound like...

      You are not ready for the force. Hee hee hee heee.