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  1. I swear, people are strange. I recieved a letter today from a bank whom I signed up for an account with. Well neato they send me back a letter stating they won't give me a credit card. Well that's fine and dandy, I didn't want one but what the hell? They won't give me a card because I have bad credit? What credit?!

    "...you did not score well because of the:

    Insufficient or too high of an average balance on revolving open trade lines

    Number of accounts ever 30 days delinquent and/or at least one derogatory public record

    The applicant is an underclassman"

    Well crap, I know I'm an underclassmen in college but what the hell does the first two mean? What accounts? Rah, I have a feeling I'll be one the phone a good deal of the night. -.-

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    2. Job


      It'd fit just fine into a suitcase.

    3. Cyb


      AndrewB said:

      You can always just pay for a new house in cash. It might not fit in one envelope, though.

      if you do that then you use a bank check, not actual cash. that would just be stupid.

    4. Grazza


      But more fun. It would be totally cool to buy a house using a suitcase full of banknotes.

      Cyb: Is that the atomic toaster out of MDK2?