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  1. And so it has happened. While running around on a new petsite that I had joined I got a personal message.

    Well le gasp! It was from this fellow who had seen some of my art and wanted to know if I'd be the pet artist for his site.

    O.O! Well of course I said yes. I'm so happy and jump for joy. Rah, but the site's still all funky with bugs. Oh well, it doesn't matter to me. :p All I have to do is draw and color.

    Got three pets done, nine to go.

    Heh, but we need another programmer. Someone who knows php. Haha, so while I rant about how happy I am... heh I'm also looking for someone who'd like to help out.

    *dodges rotten fruit for going to petsites*

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    2. Arckra


      Linguica said:

      basic C syntax.

      O.o; What the hell is that?

    3. Linguica


      print $poop." is ";
      print "really ";
      print $dumb;
      print "!";

    4. Arckra


      Heh. *pokes that*

      And you know, I think I understood a teenie bit of that.

      ....I think.