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  1. I'm moving out of my home on Sunday and I've never been so nervous about something in my life. I'm moving four hours away to go to college at Texas A&M. I'll be staying in the dorms and taking the bus to my classes.

    On the bright side a free T1 line, yay! Well that's in my student bill, but the scholarships paid for that. :D

    And for the record, I'm the first female in my family to graduate without a kid and attend college. I'm special or something.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Danarchy said:

      Hmm...a Beatles song just popped into my head.

      Would it happen to be "She's Leaving Home?"

    3. Lord FlatHead

      Lord FlatHead

      I just played that song in WinAmp about four minutes ago. What a coinkydink.

      And Arckra, good luck. I'm starting college in about four weeks as well, though I'm staying home because school's only a fifteen-minute train ride away. I sure could use a free T1 line though :(

    4. Danarchy


      And here I am, thinking I was going to confuse the Hell out of all the kiddies who post here. :P