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  1. :D Well, I'm alive obviously and popped into the irc before I decided to peep back into the boards.

    My first semester of college is over and now my scores are in. :D I've managed to score one A and three B's. I'm so happy! Let's see if I can do this again next semester.

    And in other news I was promoted to admin on the little petsite I'm working at. That's always a lot of fun.

    Such excitement!

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    2. Arckra


      Yes, we sort of do but my professors also get our scores up in the same day. :D

    3. Nmn


      Do You study a lot? I've been having A's and B's all my life and now it's like D's, E's.. and F's sometimes. I just lost my excitement for studying, and no, it's not Doom's fault.
      Lately I've been seeing a lot of students at my age loosing their will to study.

    4. Arckra


      Yes and no.

      I study a lot in my Chemistry course because our professor teaches in a funny way. But I'm seriously interested in my Animal Science courses so usually all I have to do is read it once or listen to it once and I've got it down. :D

      Then there's my required biomedial science course where all we do is sit and listen to people talk.