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  1. Lord_Andres

    Doom On Mobile

    Is there any version of Doom in JAD format?
  2. Lord_Andres

    Screenshots for Resurrection of Evil

    http://www.gamebiz.com.au/news.php?action=display&id=5280 read the last sentance ''Also revealed is your Space Marine character name Gordon Freidman!'' I HOPE THATS A JOKE!!!!
  3. Lord_Andres

    All The Things You Need

    Hi I have a few ideas for Doom maps, so i was wondering if you guys could tell me what kind of stuff I need to make a good Mega WAD, thats what they are called right?, Im thinking of the things I need to create the map it self, textures, sounds, models all that stuff, and whare I could find it, Thx :D
  4. Zombieman - Zombie Shotgun Guy - Shotgun Dude Heavy Weapons Dude - Fat Zombie Imp - Brown Alien Demon - Bulldog Spectre - Predator Lost Soul - Skeleton Head Cacodemon - Tomato demon Pain Elemental - Pain in the ass Arachnotron - Spidy Baron of Hell - Goat Man From Hell Mancubus - huuummmablllaaaa(you know the sounds that he makes) Revenant - Heat Seeker Arch-Vile - White Devil Spider Mastermind - Brainy Cyberdemon - Big Goat Icon of Sin - Devils Head
  5. Lord_Andres

    GBA Dooms?

    A bit offtopic but where did you download NewWolf and the hi-res textures? Bashe Thx
  6. Lord_Andres

    Doom Bible Similarities

    Where can I find the Doom bible? I don't have it anymore, I had to format my pc, and the disk I got it from is lost Thx
  7. Lord_Andres

    DOOM vs. Super Mario Bros. 3...VOTE

    Come on, Doom is 5 votes behind, VOTE VOTE VOTE!
  8. Lord_Andres

    DOOM vs. Super Mario Bros. 3...VOTE

    Go vote now, it ends in 30 minutes, GO VOTE!!!
  9. Lord_Andres

    Duke Nukem3D Source Port?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there was a Duke Nukem3D Source Port?, you know like Doomsday(jDoom) and witch one should I get? witch has the best graphics? Thx alot :)
  10. Lord_Andres

    Most annoying moster...

    My least fav monster is that anoyning chaingun guy you can't escape those bullets and he firers so bloody fast too, good thing is that he's not to hard to kill, my fav monster is the cyberdemon I love the sound of when he walks and the sound gets louder when he gets closer, gets pretty creppy when you'r low on ammo and health :)
  11. Lord_Andres

    Doomers by Location

    I'm from The Faore Islands and my city is Thorshavn :)
  12. Lord_Andres

    The Master Levels For DOOM2

    Where can I buy'em, or download them legaly? Thx guys :D
  13. Lord_Andres

    Hexen/doom wad

    well when will it be releast??
  14. Lord_Andres

    Hexen/doom wad

    so dose anyone know when it'l be releast? this Eternity TC
  15. Lord_Andres

    Hexen/doom wad

    and another thing, the Cleric from hexen was villing to help you if you killed any monsters that he was fighting, and there was not only one cleric but many, but the "boss" cleric was not willing to fight with you, so you had to fight him.