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  1. Quigybobo

    doom 95 patch?

    What about for multiplayer will zdoom support that to? or what is the easiest program for newbs to use for multiplay
  2. Quigybobo

    doom 95 patch?

    Is there a patch for doom 95 so i can use the moded levels that I download? becaue I tried it and didn't work said I needed a patch or somethingy.
  3. Quigybobo

    weapon replacment+h2final wad

    So how do I do it ? Lol
  4. Quigybobo

    weapon replacment+h2final wad

    I wanted to know if I can use the h2final levels and add custom weapons from this site so I can play my fav levels and try out new weapons also.
  5. Quigybobo

    aNOTHER QuEsTiOn Lol

    I have zdaemon and alot of the servers have mods....so how do i get these mods? Can I get the link for them right off of the server or do i have to search for them? I have the doom2.wad but it says always that "you do not have the doom2 wad that is requirded for this server." you also need to setupwad directories from the "settings/wad directories" dialog. I don't know what any of that means please someone help me! Lol
  6. Quigybobo


    I just downloaded skulltag and found that no one really plays online on it. So i was wondering what should I download to play online where there are lots of people playing, or what should I do to get myself started...
  7. Quigybobo

    Map Making

    What is the best map editor to use. I just want to make a small map with lots of guys in it to kill right now to test out. My computer isn't that powerful so I need one that is easy to learn.
  8. Quigybobo

    Need help with wad's

    Thx very much. You guys are great help :) ty
  9. Quigybobo

    Need help with wad's

    I'm still probably a retard I kinda still don't understand. I know Ur gonna get annoyed or something. I'm just not used to editing and stuff like this to install mods. Sorry....
  10. Quigybobo

    Need help with wad's

    I downloaded the marswar levels but I don't understand how to install it. Its a wad file. I'm new to this stuff so any help you can give me would be so great :) ty