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  1. Osmosis Bones

    make a reply here, and get featured in a DOOM wad

    Do not listen to Skit #4 by Kanye West and skip to 15 seconds. Worst mistake of my life.
  2. Osmosis Bones

    Am I Cool With You Guys?

    idk what happened but I'm sure it was just a big misunderstanding and I forgive you
  3. Osmosis Bones


  4. Praying that MyHouse doesn't undergo FNAF Syndrome and we get "Calling Concrete Shrek At 3AM In Ohio!!!"
  5. Osmosis Bones

    Do you obsessively playtest your own maps?

    I don't appreciate being called out like this
  6. Osmosis Bones


    Not as good as the original.
  7. Osmosis Bones

    Doom Repainted

    If you're familiar with the Games Repainted channel (unfortunately they've been inactive for a couple years now) then you'll know exactly what this is. Many years ago, back when I went under an entirely different moniker, I published this silly mod that replaces almost every texture - as well as other changes - with absolute nonsense. Now in present day I've decided to hit this mod with defibrillators and make it a bit less aged and cringy. No need for some big introduction, just play this for like 10 minutes then never touch it again idfc abandon all hope...
  8. Osmosis Bones

    I ban you because...

    Why must we ban each other for something so mundane? Can't we just talk these things out like civilized people?
  9. "Your honor, my client clearly stated he did it for the views!"
  10. Osmosis Bones

    Post your Favorite GIFS

  11. Osmosis Bones

    Steam stops supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8

    Not to sound like a zoomer or anything, but who the hell is still using Windows 7?!
  12. Osmosis Bones


    I shoulda never taken all that benadryl...
  13. I'm just sayin, unless Ryan Gosling is playing Doomguy I'm not interested
  14. Osmosis Bones

    Dream WADs that don't exist

    I've always wanted to see a community sequel for Requiem, like what they did with Plutonia 2 and Revilution. I know Requiem's a bit of an odd choice with how niche it is but I really dig the aesthetics of those levels and I'm curious to see what modern day mappers could pull off with it.
  15. Osmosis Bones

    Scythe X. Episodes 1-2

    It's okay guys, the rest of the episodes are just taking a while cuz they're gonna be reeeeally good!