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  1. Osmosis Bones

    DooM: The DORK Ages is gonna be horrible!!!!!!

    Okay but i will NOT tolerate any RE5 slander.
  2. Osmosis Bones

    Doom music you'd !@#%* to

    unless someone made a MIDI rendition of Cbat, I can't think of any good contenders
  3. did Grungo get degree in rocksmithing?
  4. Osmosis Bones

    Would DOOM be in the same genre as Garten of BanBan?

    Okay... but counterpoint: Doom wasn't made with the sole purpose of selling furry plushies.
  5. Osmosis Bones

    St. Anger isn't bad

  6. Osmosis Bones

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    "The Grungo Situation Is Insane"
  7. Osmosis Bones

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    What Grungo think about bronze age, and how it affect Grungo life?
  8. Osmosis Bones

    Should DOOM 1 have achievements?

    I'm just jokin' around. Chill.
  9. Osmosis Bones

    Should DOOM 1 have achievements?

    Absolutely. Matter of fact they should also add a battle pass, lootcrates, cosmetics, the list goes on
  10. Osmosis Bones

    How many demons?

    I would've aced my math exams if the questions were all Doom themed
  11. Osmosis Bones

    Who are the people in this picture?

    This looks like the greatest prog rock supergroup ever made
  12. Sir, indoor voices please.
  13. Osmosis Bones

    What is opinion on Ice Cube

    Me watch Are We Done Yet? when me was tiny babby, me thought it funny
  14. Osmosis Bones

    Favorite tropes in WADs?

    taking a LOT of notes right now...
  15. Osmosis Bones

    Who's your favourite poker player?

    i think John Poker gets slept on too much