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  1. Doohnibor

    config for Randomizer

    Thank you Andrew, it worked perfectly! : )
  2. Doohnibor

    config for Randomizer

    Does someone have a modified .ini for DOOM 1? It is mentioned in the readme that it's possible to do this. Also... does anyone know if it's possible to use this on the DoomCE PSXDoom? Thank you
  3. Doohnibor

    Suggestion - one more Cacowards Category

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.... and for making some map recommendations.
  4. Hi, I am currently playing through an old PSXDoom release on nightmare skill. Right now I got stuck in the last map "mephisto`s mausoleum". There is a problem with this particular release. After killing all the Mancubi nothing happens and the player is stuck in the inside area with no chance to get out. I cannot idclip out of the area because nightmare skill has cheats disabled. (turning cheats back on, works only for the next game) Can anyone think of a way how I can finish the level?
  5. Hi, I would like to suggest a category, dedicated to Classic Style WADs Why? I am an oldschool DOOM player - enjoying almost exclusively WADs that look and feel like the originals and the well known classis Megawads. The amount of WADs that made it into the Cacowards - fitting my taste got thinner and thinner each year until it reached zero. I probably wouldn't write this if I hadn't heard the exact same thing from many friends.... who lost all interest over the years because they don't enjoy the feel of the newer releases. I think a "classic style" category might be of interest for a lot of members of this community... and maybe bring back a few. though I guess defining what is considered "classic" and what isn't might be a huge challenge in itself. : )
  6. Doohnibor

    Looking for a tweaking health, damage etc. mod

    Thank you! I just had a chance now to take a very brief look at the post/features. I can only test it tonight. From what I've seen it has tons of great features!. I guess it's missing the most important one though - that is tweaking the amount of health that a pickup adds. If anyone has another idea please post :) EDIT: just found THIS - I guess this fixes the health thing.
  7. I am looking for a simple way to tweak certain values, like for example the amount of health given by a pack, so that instead of 25 it increases just 10. Or change the hitpoints/damage of monsters and weapons or change the speed of monsters/player etc. Ideal would be something that allows those changes on the fly I am currently using gzdoom. Any Ideas or suggestions? Thank you : )
  8. Doohnibor

    Start each map in a megawad from scratch

    Great! Judging by the title this is exactly what I was looking for ; ) Gonna try it out tonight. In case it doesn't work I'll get back.... but I doubt it. THANKS !
  9. Is there a way to play through a megawad and automatically start each map with a pistol and 100% health/no armor? (besides idclev) I am using gzdoom. Thanks
  10. Doohnibor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thank you so much! That's a really great summary! It really helped.
  11. Doohnibor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So many TNT versions... Over the many years I stopped to follow the development at some point out of frustration. Now trying to get back up to speed.... but it is VERY confusing ... especially because the names seem to be somewhat different. Can someone please get me up to speed ? If I remember correctly there even was a TNT twid planned.... but I couldn't find it. Thanks a lot : )
  12. Doohnibor

    Zandronum Shadows?

    Is there a way to turn on shadows for enemies in Zandronum? I remember some other ports were doing this by placing a negative lightsource below enemies and it could be toggled by a cvar. I couldn't find anything about shadows in zandronum... but just cannot believe it isn't there.
  13. Doohnibor

    Always make a backup for your files

    This is not true. Only a few very specialised modern HDDs are sealed and filled hith Helium. Almost all HDDs have small holes. The inside of a HDD is also designed to keep a specific kind of airflow going. For some more details google - HDD breath hole.
  14. This rant wasn't really about the quality of TNT.... You got to consider the "background" of the whole situation. TNT was highly anticipated at that time and announced to be a "free" release. I am sure you can find all about it somewhere on the doom wiki... As far as I remember it was one or two days before TNTs planned release when Romero "aquired" it to be released as part of Final Doom. Many people of the community were extremely pis**d about that - therefore the hostile comments.
  15. Doohnibor

    Name a character that's like Doomguy

    Snake Plissken don't agree with Duke being like Doomguy