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  1. Doohnibor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thank you so much! That's a really great summary! It really helped.
  2. Doohnibor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So many TNT versions... Over the many years I stopped to follow the development at some point out of frustration. Now trying to get back up to speed.... but it is VERY confusing ... especially because the names seem to be somewhat different. Can someone please get me up to speed ? If I remember correctly there even was a TNT twid planned.... but I couldn't find it. Thanks a lot : )
  3. Doohnibor

    Zandronum Shadows?

    Is there a way to turn on shadows for enemies in Zandronum? I remember some other ports were doing this by placing a negative lightsource below enemies and it could be toggled by a cvar. I couldn't find anything about shadows in zandronum... but just cannot believe it isn't there.
  4. Doohnibor

    Always make a backup for your files

    This is not true. Only a few very specialised modern HDDs are sealed and filled hith Helium. Almost all HDDs have small holes. The inside of a HDD is also designed to keep a specific kind of airflow going. For some more details google - HDD breath hole.
  5. This rant wasn't really about the quality of TNT.... You got to consider the "background" of the whole situation. TNT was highly anticipated at that time and announced to be a "free" release. I am sure you can find all about it somewhere on the doom wiki... As far as I remember it was one or two days before TNTs planned release when Romero "aquired" it to be released as part of Final Doom. Many people of the community were extremely pis**d about that - therefore the hostile comments.
  6. Doohnibor

    Name a character that's like Doomguy

    Snake Plissken don't agree with Duke being like Doomguy
  7. Doohnibor

    If Doom 2 was released as a PWAD

    - I would have HATED and bashed the hell out of it because of the mostly terrible music... - probably would have forgotten about most of the maps VERY soon after playing... - would have hated the endling - would have hated the fact that they moved away from the episodes and intermission screens. BUT I would have LOVED it until now as one of the BEST mods ever... for the newly introduced monsters. Especially the arch-vile
  8. Doohnibor

    Your dumb Doom habits

    You forgot - tying to do dumb shit with "fist while on berserk" in order to save more of that precious ammo. (even while being loaded to the max : )
  9. Doohnibor

    DOOM Retro v4.0.9 (updated April 30, 2021)

    probably an hommage to the old noclip cmd from DOOM ; )
  10. Doohnibor

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    The last game I played was Resident Evil 7. I took a short while getting used to the 1st person perspective. I actually enjoyed the first half a lot!!! I think it was very well done and eventhough it was different, it certainly had that unique Resident Evil feeling. I didn't like the second half very much because of the different, boring and repetetive environment.
  11. Doohnibor

    Your dumb Doom habits

    ... thinking to know which direction a Mancubus fires that second round of Fireballs and STILL after years and years of practice running directly into it almost every time ; ) ... thinking "there still might be a chance..." after missing that nearby chaingunner with my first shot while using the double barrel. ... once I found the exit switch walking back for absolutely no reason, checking if there was a secret in this lava or acid pool... just to find out it is a death trap. When health is down to 15% it slowly dawns to me I didn't save. ... assuming crushers don't exist in any map released later than '99. ... attempting to fistkill cacos or barons while in berserk mode.... just to save some ammo. Very bad idea... especially the cacos seem to dodge 4 out of 5 hits.
  12. Doohnibor

    What's your worst Rage Quit?

    I only have experience with others rage quitting. There was this one guy I did DM in the same room.... there were the usual verbal taunts like always etc. the problem was... that THIS GUY took it all personally... for example like after 5 frags in a row I said smthing like "cmon you pussy is that all you got" with a huge grin in my face.. and he totally flipped... I mean seriously flipped. Almost like the gif with this guy smashing the table. it was scary! Years later I played the same guy at his home... I had long forgotten about the incidence... I totally dominated him in DOOM, I was loaded with rockets and fragged him a few times in row right after he respawned.... so out of nowhere he took a controller, threw it into the monitor and screamed... YOU WON.... SO WHAT!!! again very scary... he' s a huge guy. The temperature in the room dropped below freezing in 10 seconds.... And then another guy.... he was no fun at all to play. I played him on LAN a few times... 1on1 with 15 frags limit. Each time I was up to 14 he used to pull the plug.... just in order to say that noone ever did beat him.
  13. Don't know why... but your Avatar makes me laugh, everytime I see it. Guess that was not the intention ; )
  14. My 1st MP experience was 2 player PSX DOOM back in 1995 via link cable! : ) I didn't have internet by that time, I hadn't read about Multiplayer and haven't been told about it... so I basically had NO idea what Multiplayer was and what to expect. All I had was the short mention about it in the PSXDOOM manual that two players could join or play against each other after connecting two PSX with this cable. So I bought this cable brought my Tube TV!! and PSX to a friend (which was quite a hassle) and then had one of the most lifechanging game experiences ever! (it was only topped by the moment when I stepped into my first selfmade DOOM map : ) I actually liked coop much more than DM - that was probably because the PSX didn't have real multiplayer maps. A short while later a friend at that time told me that he had heard that it is possible to make your own DOOM maps with a PC. One week later I had one ; ) Then I played quite some MP over the internet.... Duke and Shadow Warrior. These two games had AWESOME DM and were much more fun than DOOM DM which was totally boring compared to it. But it often was extremely hard to play due to the terrible latency of the 28.8 modem internet connection : ) My first LAN experience was a nightmare... again the huge hassle of transporting all the gear... and then I couldn't connect to the network.... some guy tried to help and about two hours later and after numerous reboots and fiddling around my PC was completely messed up... I ended up watching the others and had to reinstall my machine. It's all so much easier now ; ) .... but sadly the newer stuff seems to be not nearly as much fun.
  15. Doohnibor

    DOOM Retro v4.0.9 (updated April 30, 2021)

    There is this light-falloff in DOOM that makes things look darker, the further they are away. In RetroDOOM this effect is quite strong and on my monitor everyting seems to be a bit too dark sometimes. I thought I have read there was a way to change the strength of this effect... so I just read through the list of cvars but didn't find anything... could someone please give me a hint? thanks EDIT: ok, just found it. I was looking for r_gamma! Brad: ...one question about that. The game obviously looks best with 0.75%, that's probably why you chose it as the default setting. This setting brings a problem with it though... stuff that is at a certain distance appears to be almost black or at least very dark... so dark that enemies are sometimes almost invisible. In order to compensate for this gamma setting, is there a way to reduce the light falloff distance accordingly to the gamma setting? I think it might be a bit complicated but maybe there's a way. If you don't know exactly what I mean, please let me know and I'll try to explain it in more detail. One more thing... I really like the stillbob but I would like to be able to make it slower. Could you please include a cvar for this in a future release? Thanks : )