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Status Updates posted by scuffed

  1. Been considering this for a while now, but I'm deciding to quit Doom indefinitely, since I'm just not happy playing this game anymore. I know I've done some half-hearted breaks before, but I'm serious about quitting now and I'm happy with that decision.

    I'll be inactive on all platforms from now on, but may still log onto DW every now and again. Fairly short Doom career, only been playing for just over a year but I just simply don't enjoy Doom anymore - I find it very frustrating and I still don't enjoy the game when RNG is in my favour.

    Doom was basically an addiction for me, even though I didn't enjoy it for a long time, I couldn't quit it - almost like an addiction, which isn't healthy at all. I feel happier now that I've quit the game, I've been wanting to for a while but struggled to.

    I doubt anyone cares really, but I thought it'd be better to post this instead of just silently disappearing without an explanation. Thanks to everyone for being awesome, this community is one of the kindest imo and it's been a pleasure to be part of it.


    zamn, finally retired 😌

    1. El juancho
    2. BigBoy91


      Bummer dude! Loved watching your highly optimized table fills. Take care.