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  1. Chookum

    Unity goes full Unity

    All the developers I keep my ear to online, high and low are pissed. No polite way of saying otherwise. Very glad I tried out Godot and am having success with it meanwhile, just thought I'd toss that out there. No particular reason...
  2. Chookum

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Headless Chicken, MAP29: 5-5: Bisch-Bosch Just because the void is vast, dark, and empty doesn't mean you can't find yourself on a solid sliver of it that is as dangerous as it is vivid.
  3. Chookum

    What music style fits doom the better?

    I lean hard into Doom's arcade influences and draw a lot of music from arcade and console games into my maps. Apparently during the 90s, Capcom did some research into what sounds carry the best in an arcade (mindful that they're competing against dozens of other machines and even themselves), and they figured out it was strong drums, and strong basslines that carry furthest. Granted, the music for a map is dependent on what mood you want to convey.
  4. I'm unsure if the reason is because of the complex animated textures that surround the arena, or if my jank DEHACKED implementation of the Realm667 Kamikaze does not play nice with modern ports like GZDoom and needs a ZSCRIPT adaptation. The open nature of the map with few true walls leading everything to be rendered at once could also compound the issue.
  5. Chookum

    The story behind your custom avatar

    It's a vector image of the design of a trinket from a now defunct Multiplayer FPS game called Dirty Bomb, specifically, the "Totally Awesome Chicken" trinket released to commemorate Splash Damage's partnership with a chicken manufacturing company. (I'm not making that up.) The game was flawed but a lot of fun, somewhere between Counter-Strike and Overwatch, but not outshining either game. Sunk over 1000 hours into it and don't regret it - it was a very fast game that spoke to my preferred pace.
  6. Chookum

    What is the weather like where you live ?

    Miserable. It's been grey, rainy and windy out all day with intermittent breakthroughs of sun, and biting cold too.
  7. Here's some suggestions, though I'll separate it by type of difficulty: PLATFORMING/GIMMICKS: Frog and Toad, by Ribbiks, Toilet of the Gods, by Benjogami FIGHTING/SLAUGHTER: Death in Excess, by NoReason or Italo Doom, by Ribbiks HOPELESSNESS/SCALE: Abandon, by Benjogami et al., Sunder, by Insane Gazebo BPRD VARIETY HOUR: The Nuts! Trilogy, The Mucus Flow and Grove, by BPRD THE WRONG KIND OF DIFFICULT: Hell Revealed 2, by Jonas Feregen et al., Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid, by a whole bunch of silly people Bonus: I HAVE TO PLAY HOW MANY MAPS?: Any of the RAMPs, organised by DavidN
  8. Who ordered the 5-4: Hotpot with additional spices? Watch out, as grabbing skulls adds more ingredients to the bowl! In addition: Fix to MAP13 to ensure all enemies teleport into final sequence. Fix to MAP33 to properly time to events after getting the red and blue skull key switches. Some additional ammo added to MAP32 and the Blue Key room given much more bite. Other additional little fixes to other maps too... Invulnerability on old-school ports (DSDA, Woof) now Magenta/Gold. New Script for ZDoom Ports: All Kills/Secrets Announcements. New Option under Mod Options to disable Announcer Tallying all kills/secrets. MAPINFO/UMAPINFO added with new intermission music for episode finishes and finale. Full versions of MAPINFO/UMAPINFO added. Project's close enough to completion. MAPINFO Game namespace fixes to fix title on ZDoom ports. Announcer on/off code updated to be more robust. "Bubblegum" text colour added to approximate AAliens gold-magenta colour gradient. MAP29, 5-5: Bisch-Bosch is the next on the list. MAP30 is about halfway done already. I will try to release both together.
  9. Chookum

    What's your guilty pleasure wad or map?

    Mandrill's Ass Project and Mock 2. I can't get enough of tongue in cheek wads.
  10. I have a three-fer: DSDA Doom for Classic Doom and Map Testing GZDoom for Casual Play and Modded Doom Zandronum for Multiplayer Simple as!
  11. If I've killed all the monsters on a map and can't find all the secrets, I may pull a cheeky IDDDT to track them down. It's a bad habit.
  12. Chookum

    Fried egg on ice cream.

    Eugh! No! Why would you...! Do not! Do not the egg!
  13. Chookum

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    MAP28: 5-4: Hotpot for Headless Chicken Also decided to make a minor adjustment to the colourmap to be released with the map. Can you spot it?
  14. Here's one of potentially two maps from the Chicken Coop, and first to be served is Power Bomber. A quick, slaughtery level in a power plant I whipped up in a couple of days. Screenshots below: