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  1. I debate the Pain Elemental and/or Arch Vile as they add a need to charge into a fray, rather than run around the edges while all the other monsters bunch up in a ball.
  2. This should have probably been posted to the news forum ;) It's also a new model renderer capable of supporting a wide variety of modern model formats and features, not a completely new world renderer. 2.0 also marks the completion of the in-game UI; one can load/unload games, mods, pwads etc etc, within the engine itself; as a result Snowberry has been removed due to being obsolete. Full release notes for 2.0 can be found here:
  3. ZDoom quadrupled this distance versus Vanilla doom IIRC, saying it was due to higher screen resolutions making Vanilla's auto aim range look silly. IIRC there is no way to disable this change. As much as I hate to bad mouth a port, you'd be better off with almost any other port if you want a more Vanilla Doom like experience; Chocolate Doom for instance.
  4. "Corridor 7: Alien Invasion" was a game made by Capstone Software in 1994 using the same engine used to power ID Software’s Wolfenstein 3D. Corr7TC aimed to "reimage" Corr7 on the Doom engine using the Doomsday source port, specifically a stand alone version of Doomsday v1.8.6. The aim was to add more variety to and polish the original games game play, whilst keeping the spirit of the original game. I suppose it's a sort of a remake using the original games resources. And here is the download link: EDIT: 05/12/14 Crept in to this old thread to say that the above link is long dead and that the TC can now be downloaded from here: ###CORR7TC INSTALLATION### 1. Unzip somewhere keeping folder paths intact. 2. Place your Doom2.wad (not supplied) in "Data/JDoom" 3. Run Corr7TC.bat (it runs JDoom.exe with a couple of suitable command line options) ###CORR7TC STUFF###*All the single player maps including secret and death match maps from the Disk and CD versions of Corr7. *All the bad guys and weapons from the original Corr7, except the mines as I ran out of weapon slots (I personally never used them in Corr7 anyway and they seemed out of place in such an FPS. *All the Music from both the Disk version in midi format, courtesy of Adam Biser. *Reconstructed CD maps; Capstone evidently were aiming for a certain style with the original maps. But the end results were simply not that much fun to play. I have reconstructed (i.e. heavily modified) the maps in an attempt to improve their game play while still staying true to Capstone's idea for them. *Rebalanced bad guys and weapons to add some variety; in the original game most of the weapons and bad guys have such similar stats that they might as well have been the same bad guy or weapon. *Pretty much every feature of Corr7 is present in the TC in some way from ammo dispensers to health chambers. *Most levels have one or two of about 8-9 simple objectives inspired by Corr7's plot. *Lighting, dynamic lights and a bunch of other visual stuff Doom and Dday can do that the Corridor7 engine couldn't. *Customizable visuals; switch on/off lighting, coloured lighting and plane textures with the bank of switches on each map.###SCREENSHOTS### ###MULIPLAYER### Corr7TC comes with retooled versions of all eight of Corr7's death match maps; they can, unsurprisingly, be found on Map01-08. Map09 features a second version of DM Map 1 that is a bit closer to its, erm, "inspiration". The original Corr7 supported up to 8 players and Dday 1.8.6 supports 16. However I don't think any of the maps are really large enough for more than 4 players. Like the original game, there is no Co-op in the TC. ###KNOWN ISSUE### Certain Infine (on screen pop-up’s) intentionally take's keyboard control and mouse button control away from the player whilst being displayed. However they do not disable mouse movement or any button commands already being entered before the pop up appears, due to an oversight by Doomsday Engine's developers. This allows players to move around using the mouse, whilst these pop up's are being displayed, when they shouldn't. Still this can't really be taken advantage of since one is not going to get far with their fire, use (open door's etc), strafe (side step) etc button's disabled. ###WHY STAND ALONE?### Its stand alone, not because of heavy source modifications to Doomsday, but because it leans heavily on a small modding feature added in the 1.9 Betas of Doomsday. However the 1.9 Betas are, as of writing, in no state for running non Vanilla Doom mods on. Hence I had no choice but to back port the feature back to 1.8.6 and in the process make the mod stand alone. Which of course means the TC doesn't look quite as good as and lacks a couple of features it could have (1.8.6 is after all getting on in years now, both visually and feature wise). Once the 1.9 betas become more suitable for mods, I might release a standard Doomsday mod version of Corr7TC. ###CORR7TC SLIDE SHOW PACK### EDIT: 05/12/14 Crept in to this old thread to say that the above link is long dead and that the TC can now be downloaded from here: Included in the above optional PK3 add on for Corr7TC, are slide shows made out of Corridor7: Alien Invasion's four cut scenes: 1. Spinning Capstone Logo when one starts the game 2. Introduction 3. Disk version ending 4. CD version ending Bear in mind that these are extremely memory intensive; making a slideshow with the animation of a cut scene is, er "inappropriate" to say the least. But I decided to include them any way I could, out of completeness. Too install, place the included PK3 in "Data/JDoom/Auto" where the main Corr7TC.PK3 is. Then run Corr7TC.bat as one normally would to start Corr7TC. ###CORR7TC MP3 MUSIC REMIX PACK### EDIT: 05/12/14 Crept in to this old thread to say that the above link is long dead and that the TC can now be downloaded from here: This optional add-on contains remixes of 11 Corr7 tracks by Alextheuser. These are proper remixes, not just the tracks with non synth samples. I've labelled it "v1.2" to remain consistent, even though in reality the add-on's, are not linked to any version of the TC. Install instructions are the same as the Slide Show add-on.
  5. I'm still around; thanks for posting new links. I'm also very proud that my old TC is still getting any attention. Thank you. These days. Dday has reached the point where it has the features to turn Corr7TC into a standard mod, as opposed to one that runs off a now ancient standalone version of Dday. However, Ddays various disabled features, due to the ongoing rewrite, since that time, would proceed to stop it working in modern Dday for the being. Also it turns out that what I thought was a variant of a Doom rendering hack I used extensively was actually a rendering hack specific to the rendering hack code used by Dday 1.8.x: Ddays rendering hack code has since been completely rewritten. I did actually get most of the way through a v1.3 that would have featured the demo versions unique level and the original Level29, back in the day, but I never finished it, believing the TC had been played by all those who would be interested it by that point any way and, as mentioned, it was getting on a bit by that point.
  6. To make it clear though; it's a new model renderer, not a completely new renderer :) An all new renderer is planned of course.
  7. To maybe be a bit rude, but I'm not convinced the yellow sky looks good in any of the screen shots posted so far, as it kind of looks a little dusk like, but the lighting on the map doesn't match it.
  8. Doomsday did offer such a feature in it's console (I think I state this almost every time a thread comes up about demo playback, as Dday's features often go unnoticed :p); I remain very surprised PRBoom+ doesn't seem to offer such a feature considering it's defacto choice for demo recording. But Dday uses a non standard demo format that was disabled in the fair past now, due to other elements of the engine being worked on. (as I imagine the feature is still there, just, well, disabled).
  9. It apparently came out the same month as Quake 2 in the U.K. Yeah it's a cool game, though dated even for the time of it's release (though it could run on very old computers as a result, perhaps the intention) that deserved more attention.
  10. It was released to retail on PC and as one might expect, it uses Steam.
  11. I ran Doom1 and 2 on a 386 when it first came out, that had 25 and 10mhz speed modes. It also had 4mb of ram. Of course, I can't remember at all how well they ran after all this time, but I don't recall any major issues at all. But back then, I didn't have anything to compare to.
  12. Agreed, here's to another year of Doom.
  13. I have, somehow, never made a tech base map (well got anywhere with making one) and I figure they don't look so fitting in other map themes.
  14. The HeXen 1.1 patch has always claimed an error for me, regarding the timestamp of, IIRC the readme file. However, the patch installed correctly.
  15. Poor thread title aside, I just happened to end up on the PC World website and noticed this little curio by Soul-i-Doll and figured I'd make a little thread about it. There are more, larger pictures at the website PC World link to:
  16. Skyjake develops Doomsday on a Mac.
  17. Considering Dday's ambitions, why would the main UI resemble Doom?
  18. I am intrigued as to why this question about Risen3D and Doomsday being able to merge occasionally comes up? The split was so long ago now and, to perhaps understate it, the two ports have diverged so significantly in pretty much every facet and features since then.
  19. A new Wolfenstein has been announced: Wolfenstein: The New Order. I have to admit, that while the trailer is well produced, it doesn't feel Wolf like. It's also interesting that ID seem relegated to the copyright at the end, simply as owners of the Wolfenstein name.
  20. Maybe by fluke to a degree, Classic Doom's design, asset's, gameplay etc etc uniquely come together to cover/allow a wide variety of game types/play styles etc etc near perfectly. This is clear even in the four main Iwads; Doom1, Doom2, TNT and Plutonia. Doom3, Doom3 ROE and Doom 2016 attempted and are attempting to imitate some, but not all of those game types.
  21. I also noticed that when the Hell Knights upper torso fell on to the floor after the chainsaw scene, that it appeared to leave no blood on the floor at all. I just would have expected some sort of blood decals, even temporary ones ala the various Build Engine games, would have been present. Given how much the trailers and marketing have played up the blood and fatalities.
  22. I don't know why, but it really bothered me that when Doom Guy slammed the dead persons bloody face into the retinal scanner at the start of the trailer, that it appeared to leave no marks (i.e blood) or damage on said scanner or the persons face at all.
  23. Something that caught my eye in that list is a dead link for a beta demo for Corridor 7: Alien Invasion. I'm intrigued about what that could contain. If you do make contact with the poster, I'd love to know if they still have it and would be willing to re-upload it? EDIT: I've sent a message to the poster through the Knights and Merchant's fan site that they were hosting the Corr7 files on. I hope they respond :)
  24. The Doom wiki features these pages: However, to my knowledge, it lacks a page dedicated to the inspiration and/or sources of Doom's (and other Doom engine games) own assets? Over the years, the community has found many of the sources/inspiration for Doom's asset's that weren't hand drawn/completely original. Information on some of these has over time been added to individual pages on the Doom Wiki: for instance the skies page states that Doom1's SKY1 is a photo of the Yangshuo cavern. However much of this information remains buried in old forum threads. I think it would be cool if as many of these as possible could all be dug up and the relevant information added to a new page on the Doom wiki especially dedicated to such? Naturally, the sources for some assets no longer exist; for instance I recall reading that the Doom1 texture SKINSCAB features a photograph of one of the developers actual scabs. But of course that doesn't exclude detailing them on such a page. Here's a pair of recent threads where Blackmantis and Reinchard discovered the sources for several of Doom's textures, for instance: Original sources of various Doom skies: Original sources of various Doom mascarons: It may also be interesting to document other sources, or at least games, that have assets clearly directly based of ones from Doom: Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, Operation Body Count, Spear of Destiny: Ultimate Challenge to name three. Or perhaps that could be a new section on the Doom references in other games wiki page?