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  1. Thelokk

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Soulspheres are former doomguys, processed and packaged for your convenience.
  2. Thelokk

    Tastiest Doom Demons

    Wrong thread, "Which actor should play Doomguy?" is that way -> Also funny cause at first I thought the heart icon was the likes, only then I realized it's their cholesterol index.
  3. ROCK-n-ZIMMER by Dragonsbrethren (2012) GZDoom / UV / 100% kills / 100% secrets As it seems to be the trend at the moment, I roll expecting crappy shovelware, and instead I get a rather competent map by a frequent community project contributor (who seems hasn't been active in a while). The map is expansive and, as the title suggests, includes copious amounts of ZIMMER and, even more, ROCK - one of my least favorite textures. Still, the mapper makes it palatable by including it into a sort of 'dark techbase meets gloomy hell' environment that, a few misjudged garrulous techy details, mantains a consistent theme throughout. Combat is relentless, sometimes bordering on micro-slaughter, and incorporating 'modern' tricks such as teleporting AVs and switch-activated combat pieces. Some on /idgames commented on lack of ammo, personally I had no problem with it. Another great map overall.
  4. Whew, these sure bring back some memories from my college years. Nice animates, I feel they could fit nicely in a OTEX oriented wad.
  5. Platforming, neat. Screenshots look dope too. Right into my to-play list! Hopefully I won't suffer too much. Edit: @Ravendesk will try to contribute with more substantial commentary once I graduate from HNTR to HMP (spoile: wad is a blast, both metaphorically and literally), for now
  6. Grimscribe's readings of weird fiction classics in general really hit a note, but here they top themselves. Crappy mic, zero music, monotone delivery, nothing gets in the way of Schulz's dreary, apocalyptically visionary prose. Quite a perspective on WWII, considering also the way the author met their end. If you happen to know French, may I also suggest an equally evocative reading of another classic, 'Les Chants de Maldoror'? Such a supremely difficult text to read dramatically.
  7. It seems this is not the case, unless they went by a completely different alias. The .txt mentions a goodmus.wad but I couldn't dig it up.
  8. StarCove - a tribute to Ty Halderman by @valkiriforce (2016) GZDoom / UV /100% kills / 100% secrets "Misc. Author Info: Enjoys nice walks at sunset." Well played, valkiriforce. Well played. A moving (and fitting) tribute to Ty Halderman, leader of TNT and mantainer of the idgames archives until... I mean, screw it, if you don't know who Halderman is you simply need to brush up on your Doom history - here, have a link. Note that this map requires you to load Icarus: Alien Vanguard as a resource or you'll be missing out on a lot of textures. This said, I can barely believe this is a Valkiriforce map. Hitscanner hell? Combat while platforming? maybe I didn't play enough of their stuff, maybe my perception is colored by the rather easy difficulty curve of Anomaly Report, fact is I was expecting a pleasant if slightly better looking 90s style map, and instead I got my buttocks served to me more times than I'm comfortable with. This said, the map is a blast: very well textured, linear but not too linear, it features a lot of good details such as Valkiriforce's signature low-roof buildings (are you from California?) and a very entertaining Wormhole-like section. The difficulty curve is slightly offset by being provided big weaponry very early into the level, but not by much: you will still meet substantial resistance, and should be prepared for some tough fights - an encounter with cacos while on platforms is a prime example. The map is also mercifully low on that blight that is doomcute, thanks, I appreciate. Very nice level, very sweet tribute. Well done.
  9. Atmospheric Extinction, would't say I loved it, but I went in expecting the usual OTEX 'hard' maps and left surprised by how approachable and varied it was.
  10. Instant Death by Maarten Hoogvelt (1995) GZDoom / UV /100% kills / Well, an oldie but I enjoyed it a lot. It's a puzzle map: a non-linear switch hunt where you have to constantly backtrack in order to unlock new sections of this little puzzle box of a map, while dealing with... pretty light resistance. Nothing crazy really, save for a few unfairly placed chaingunners, and resources overflow anyway. There is some signposting, but oftentimes you're simply left stumbling upon the next progression beat, which I don't mind at all. The texture work is a tad monotonous but serviceable, and at times hilarious - behold the world's tallest red key door.
  11. Thanks! I am occasionally culpable of rev spamming, mostly 'cause of its versatility, but also because I find its design unrivaled. Nothing liń∑e a horde of dead puppets shambling your way.
  12. Heh nothing to be sorry about, some actually preferred them!
  13. Very very very I lost count cool
  14. Thelokk


    I'm confused: is this thread, or the preview thread the next circumcision.wad? I wanna make history before it's too late.