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  1. OCcsdude

    Icon of Doom 3

    This is one of the things I hated most about Doom 3. I was expecting the monsters and level ambience to work together. I wanted to explore an environment and fear it. The constant spawning keeps gameplay extremely repetitive and a lot less exciting in the long run. I especially was looking forward to stumbling upon the hellknight in a dark, open, storage room or something like that. With Doom 3, the uncertainty of whether a monster will appear is so high that the game isn't scary at all. You know a monster will come sooner or later it's just a matter of how much health/ammo you have when it appears out of thin air. It would have been cool to have to wonder more at your surroundings.
  2. OCcsdude

    Doom 3-2

    Ya, all classic Doom levels/aspects with sweet graphics. All it would take to give the classic Doom feel is to speed up Doom guy's movement and balance things out.
  3. OCcsdude

    I can't believe it's not Trite

    They showed the bigger trites in the ICONS documentary vid that just came out. Both variations are in.
  4. OCcsdude

    Which Game do you think has the best Graphics?

    Doom 3's graphics are better in my opinion...and they are also technically better than any other game out now and hl2 but I guess good graphics are in the eye of the beholder. We have barely seen doom 3's graphics in action for the PC...only one old trailor. The fact that the screens look so amazing and that we'll be seeing that kind of quality in real time is just amazing. This is all imho though.
  5. OCcsdude

    Game Box sited!

    Game pre-order boxes have been here the past year or so. Sorry, but your find is nothing new.
  6. OCcsdude

    E3 - 2004 Xbox Trailer Out Now!

    Go get it here :o): http://www.fileplanet.com/
  7. OCcsdude

    Contents of Manual.....Spoilers?

    I'm not gonna read the manual...just gonna discover everything as I'm playing. And I'm not going to any forums until I complete the game lol.
  8. DOOM needs help, get voting. DOOM vs. Super Mario Bros. 3 http://archive.gamespy.com/titlefight/matches/0501.shtml
  9. I'm looking forward to ripping a few holes in the birdman with my trusty shotgun :D
  10. OCcsdude

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    To be honest, I just can't see DOOM 3 having near the same gameplay as the original DOOM. It is going to be a LOT slower paced. I hope it has that DOOM feel to it still.
  11. OCcsdude

    Framerate capped at 60fps

    Funny, anything above roughly 37 frames seems solid to me. 24 fps is what the eye can see but the feel of it (controlling it) is definitely noticeably slower. The feel you get with your mouse/keyboard is the smoothest it can get somewhere around 40 fps. I don't mind 60fps at all :D