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    How do you get the red key on MAP02?
  1. DoomerDude123

    How many languages do you speak?

    English. I am currently trying to learn German though. I can't say a whole sentence in German if Mein Leben depended upon it though. ;-)
  2. DoomerDude123

    The Passion of the Christ

    I dunno if I'm going to see it. I am a faithful guy, but I never go to church. I believe folks should be able to practice in the comfort of their home, and I don't cram religion down anyones throat. I HATE THAT. Anyway I mite go see it just too see what people are fussing over, violence wise - I heard some woman had a heart attack after seeing the stake pounded into his hand. Y'know what would make a good flick? Jesus, King of the Jews vs Elvis, King of Rock and Roll vs Godzilla, king of the Monsters, vs King Diamond
  3. DoomerDude123

    An Idea I'm throwing around...

    Once again, I must State - In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM do I support thoose friggin Nazis. I hate em! I love to kill em in Doom!
  4. It's called Doom: Nazi Patrol. I am using the DeepSea level editor for Doom II, and basically what I'm doing is re-fabing all the Doom II maps, switching monsters around and really just changing everything except the map structure to make it more like a Wolfenstein game - wheras you fight Nazi's most of the time, but in each level there are 2 or 3 Experiments gone wrong, alas Barons of Hell, Cacodemons, Spidermasterminds, Mancubus, ect - And it has a pretty twisty-turny story line. I know this sounds extremely geigh because no new maps or weapons or even monsters - but hey, it's fun. And it is actually pretty cool so far.
  5. DoomerDude123

    Spiderdemon or Cyberdemon?

    I like the mastermind alot, but I gotta go with Cybie. He seems much more hellish and like a Demon, and fit's the game a bit better (to me, thats just my opinion). There is nothing that gets your heart pumping like walking around the tower of babel and suddenly you hear thoose dreaded footsteps.
  6. DoomerDude123

    Help on managing DooM files.

    I keep all of my Zipfiles, Servers, WAD's all in their respective subfile to keep everything in order. When I was a newbie Doomer, I just had everything right in that folder, no subs or anything. But it, as well, was becoming a cluster wang.
  7. DoomerDude123

    Most annoying moster...

    Would you guy's mind translating thoose German phrases for me? I am German myself, but ashamdly don't speak it. and yes, Cyberdemons in the hundreds are no fun. Usually when I am sent a small map with about 30 Cyber Demons in them, I assume they must be new at it.
  8. DoomerDude123

    Most annoying moster...

    Oh yes, by my comment above - In no way do I support Nazis. I just like to kill them alot in Doom. :-D
  9. DoomerDude123

    Most annoying moster...

    I love thoose little Nazi dudes. I love that phrase they say, "Twoshovel!" Or something like that. So easy to blast away. I always play the Wolfenstein level on Doom II in nightmare and love to retrace my steps and look at the nazi corpses piled up.
  10. DoomerDude123

    Most annoying moster...

    Yes, LEAST favorite, not favorite. I noticed that title as well, heh. What can I say? But hey After that I got pretty far. I am on Map18 right now, slowly working to the Icon. I felt stupid asking it, because I mean I play doom like 8 hours a day, and make my own levels and stuff - but barely ever play without cheats. It just isn't as fun.
  11. DoomerDude123

    Most annoying moster...

    Yup, not yer favie - your least favorite. Let's talk about thoose dod dern monsters you can't stand. There are 3 for me. Lost Soul/Paint Elemental: So easy to kill, so little damage done, but so many and that sound and screech just makes you want to rip your ears off! And I hate when they just pop out and block your view. Revenant: They just seem out of place. Annoying sounding and hard to kill, plus thoose heat-seeking missiles make you tear your hair out. Arachnatrons: I love the spider mastermind, but arachnatrons just drive me nuts for some reason. I still love all theese monsters, but for Doom - no..
  12. DoomerDude123

    Doom II: Map02

    Heh, everytime I make that jump to get into the brown building thing, I fall. I run and jump - nope.
  13. DoomerDude123

    Good lord, we have at least finished doom 2 right?

    I beat Doom I on all skill levels, cheated my way through ITYTD, HNTR, HMP and UV (same with both ep's on Final doom). I am currently working my way through Doom II with no cheats, but I have beat it.
  14. DoomerDude123

    Which Weapon Did You Like Best?

    I always liked the Shotgun (not the supershotgun). It is powerful close up and far away, effective, and donsn't take long at all to reload. The Plasma Gun is friggin awesome though as well. The chain gun is pretty good, especially against Barons and Knights. I just run right up to them and dig the gun into their stomach and fire away!
  15. DoomerDude123

    Doom II: Map02

    Hey everyone. I am a huge Doomer, have been playing for a long time. I've beat Ultimate Doom on all levels, and own all the Dooms. I play em all the time, but with cheats lol, and finally decided to start Doom II without cheats. But on Map02, how the hell do you get the red key?