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  1. Rycuz

    Going Through The Serious Sam Games Again

    The graphics reminds me of Ion Fury
  2. Rycuz

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The system has been hacked by some malicious entity.
  3. Rycuz

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    POV: You are drunk and see one of your friend.
  4. Rycuz

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A Zombie Apocalypse Survivor with their items on their backpack
  5. Rycuz

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    WW2 Soldier doing cosplay during war
  6. Rycuz

    Doom 64 is flawed

    Quake: Doom Edition
  7. Rycuz

    Share Your Sprites!

    WIP torch for replacing both green and red torches via palette swap The red torch palette swap is sucks. Perhaps I'll mess around with my wad palette. Edit: Credits to Id Software for the torch
  8. Rycuz

    Doom 64 is flawed

    And don't forget the SFX that played back with some kind of equalizer in certain areas so you'll hear your SSG is being shot at big empty hall. Combined with already depressing soundtrack and eerie visual design, this makes player feels like they are in some kind of abandoned base and lonely. And yea I hate how the zombieman and shotgunner are so hard to distinguish between them to the point I keep getting hit by shotgunner on blank range when I use berserk punch on early levels (I played on Doom 64 EX by the way).
  9. As the episode's map are very big but the combat feels sluggish (but I don't want to introduce stronger monsters too soon), I have decided to change and introduce new weapons! (Although this against my intent to make the wad free from extra textures, flat, and dehacked changes) The weapons are: The New Chaingun mechanism (the sound effect are just placeholder): Credits to @Korp and @Blastfrog for the Chaingun Sprite
  10. Just wanted to tell you that there is some drawseg overflow: And texture misalign which makes tutti-frutti effect: Otherwise, it is a nice abandoned city map. Really liked it.
  11. Played on Zandronum, died multiple times on UV on first try, then moves into ITYTD because I don't like saving. Cool blue salt piles mechanics, but it's confusing at first encounter because IMO the blue salt pile is looked like as some decoration. Probably can be fixed by: 1) Baiting area behind the blue salt pile as secret area so players may think the blue salt pile does open the way to the secret; 2) Variation of 1st, put Health Bonus behind, top, or / and front of blue salts; 3) Make the first area less fighting so player can explore around. Maybe you should add variant of blue salt piles like green salt piles for armour, the salt piles mechanics are cool and can become a charm for your wad. Speaking of first encounter of blue salt piles, I found a bug: About buttons, somehow I missed the button for shotgun because it blends with the enviroment (or I just blind). Perhaps make them "outstand" from the enviroment by: 1) Using vivid colors, 2) Increase the light level for the switch, 3) Make the switch bigger, 4) Put the switch at obvious spot, 5) etc. At red keycard, I can get out immediately by archvile jumping. I don't know if it is intended or not. At yellow keycard, I think it might a good idea to make Demon & Plasma Miner infight each other (since most of the time, I made monsters infight each other). At rocket launcher area, I think fake contrast messed up. About atmosphere, I think the music suits well with the "Exploring a Mine Site that goes wrong" theme. Can be enchanced by darken the area and add dramatic lighting effects. I think it is a good idea to make the story happens at night so you can make the outdoor darker (but perhaps not darker more than inside the mine).
  12. Update: https://wadhosting.com/Wad/373540588C97D23031D0631B9D118F6C81954FC7 Fixed the VPO problem at train, added some minor adjustments, and attempting to fix drawseg problem at outside (probably it cannot be fixed fully)