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  1. So, in short, I was messing with Display options (trying to increase shared system memory). Then after I entered my password and login into my computer, my monitor suddenly has "Venetian-Blind' effect and ghosting effect. Then after few seconds, it got worsen. Some topmost pixel seems don't effected. It seems doesn't affect my second monitor in any way. My laptop's monitor history: It has stuck pixels on very top of the monitor (it barely visible so I let it away) about 1 month ago, due to when I put my laptop standby (sleep), it just came powered on by itself (unsure why). Same goes with hibernation. Can anyone know what is the problem? Thanks!
  2. Did you use IDCLIP to go there? Those +1 HP shouldn't be visible unless you found the secret.
  3. Sorry for late reply, I have a lot of notification when I open DW again so I didn't check those notifications. I still have all my map backups and progress in my harddisk so don't worry.
  4. Those games are just fun. Though sometimes I don't like certain parts of those games, it is still fun. Note: I mean BUILD Engine games are Blood, Shadow Warrior, and Duke Nukem 3D. Redneck Rampage and NAM is still decent in certain parts (such as graphics and sound effect, but I had problem with some of RR's map progression and overall difficulty in NAM). Witchaven just sucks.
  5. Rykz

    I make Quake maps now.

    Quake palette when faced with saturated green colors: Adios
  6. Rykz

    I make Quake maps now.

    I wish my computer can run Quake related editing stuff. I find QuARK and QMP are confusing to use. TrenchBroom also won't run.
  7. I usually use values between 128-192 for normal lighting, 96 is starting to get darker, 64 and below is way too dark, and 255 is too bright. I had experience using 3 gradient lighting effect (brightest(let's say its 160, for demonstration), bright(144), less bright(128), and default area light(96)) in a outside of gray building at night to capture the atmosphere of cold, unnerving feeling I had back then. Another room has similar setup but only use 2 gradient lighting (brightest(160), bright(144), and default area light(128)) because Visplane Overflow, with bunch of monsters, and it has kinda warmer feel than previous area.
  8. Rykz

    Post your Doom textures!

    Something I did quick at photoshop. Seems it's nice for Wolfenstein 3D texture. Texture is from this:
  9. This texture I just quickly made isn't fit together with doom texture.
    The texture itself kinda good though, I think.

    1. taufan99


      It could find a place for other projects, at least. Or, a good combination of textures and architecture(s) could help make it look decent.

    2. Rykz


      The texture feels like its from Witchaven lmao

    3. Rykz
  10. I'm going to be quite inactive until around mid-to-late 2023. Cya.

    1. taufan99


      Glad to hear from you again after quite a while, even if only a hiatus announcement. See ya.

    2. Rykz


      Apparently, I already in hiatus mode since December because I get mapper block. I am going to back again when the mapper block gone.

    3. Rykz


      It is so annoying to be honest to have mapper block. Creating your own world for fun but you don't satisfied anymore when doing it. Perhaps stress also adds the problem worse.

  11. Congratulations! Your map is going to be played in Decinos viewer submissions. https://www.youtube.com/live/mk1jVK2N-ks?feature=share&t=1592 

    Also, it's going to be interesting to see what he thinks.

  12. Rykz

    NEW YEAR 2023

    Tommorow (or Today) is 31 December 2021 lol
  13. Rykz

    Have you experienced anthing paranormal?

    Probably they made up some (if not all) horror/spooky story because some people just wanted to read a horror/spooky story to spook themselves. I had a sleep paralysis where my arm make a O turn to down inside my bed like swimming. I was like "What?" while it happening.
  14. @RastaManGames I'm sorry that I'm forget about collaborating this project. Somehow I only able to think about a cafe and a convenient store (and school but I don't wanna add school as explorable part of map).
  15. Rykz

    Doom 64 prototype leak?

    It should have more curved in thumb, so it look more like the PC version.