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  1. Daytime Waitress

    The Ultimate Bloat

    It's exasperating watching your favourite crime drama and seeing the detective just about to solve the mystery, only to have it slip through their fingers... Take a look at the Steam front page and what do you see? An ocean of asset flips. Now cast your eyes over the Nintendo e-shop. A vast mountain range stretching to the horizon, each and every peak comprised of anime tiddies from incalculable numbers of hentai shovelware. And now gaze upon the mobile game shops. A never-ending wasteland of digital Skinner boxes. Hell, despite their cache, their clout, their obscene amount of money, the AAA publishers might just be just as much of a statistical anomaly as the lone indie dev/small studio earnestly toiling away on their dream project. Because it we go by sheer volume - and drop your retro aesthetic stipulation - the "industry as a whole" pretty much already runs on the premise of churning out whatever with the least amount of effort for the maximum amount of profit enough profit to continue the ruse.
  2. Daytime Waitress

    [UDMF] The Art Museum (my first map)

    Good to know - it's definitely something I have to fix with my GZDoom, then, because I can remember another map awhile back where I was skipping linedefs that others weren't having trouble with...
  3. Daytime Waitress

    GZDoom menu and console flickered

    GZDoom does the same for me if my keyboard is set to Japanese - press alt+shift to switch keyboard languages to "English (US) US Keyboard".
  4. Daytime Waitress

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yamaoka doesn't miss, my man. As for me: traditional hard drive shit itself, so I'm reinstalling Assetto Corsa on the remaining solid state drive and have to actually make choices on what tracks and cars to add to the folder. Having a surprising amount of fun throwing the vanilla Alfa Romeo GTA's around the latest Crystal Palace Circuit mod, but I figure I'll be upgrading to the versions found in Bazza's AC Legends set pretty soon.
  5. Daytime Waitress

    [UDMF] The Art Museum (my first map)

    I only finished it on HMP and not even 100%, but this was a bunch of fun, and a really polished effort for a first map! More importantly than just being a fun stroll, it made me want to come back and ferret out all the key cards (I'm sure I'll feel like a right goose for missing a bunch of stuff) and catalogue all the references. There are quite a few neat touches that tie it all together, too, like the subtle, Doom-64-styled coloured lighting really made certain areas pop; and the Mussorgsky piece was very fitting for casually ambling about whilst laying waste to demons. Only bug I could find was getting trapped one of the teleporter closets: if I opened up the door prior, it was fine, but it didn't seem to be tagged on the inside (I can't open an editor at the moment because one of my hard drives is being a shit, so pic attached). I'm sure adjusting lighting and adding in all the paintings was a headache for a first map, but you've created something very unique here, and I reckon it straddles that boundary of "chill, with teeth" very well. Be proud of your first effort, and, like you said, hopefully more to come!
  6. Daytime Waitress

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    @tornado potato Can't wait to try and take in Vermeer, only to have fat tourists mancs block my view. @Pechudin You should be proud - that's a tasty looking bridge. And the skybox offsets your colour choices real well!
  7. Daytime Waitress

    Weirdest Ads You've Ever Seen?

    Oh, you did try to warn me. First rule of the Internet, kiddos - if someone tells you not to search for it, don't damn well search for it. My waistline thanks you, Murdoch, because I ain't gonna be able to eat ice cream for a good long while now.
  8. Daytime Waitress

    What are you listening to?

    Easily the best version - his buddy's reactions are adorable. To think that just a few years later, dude's playing the Opry and Lollapalooza...
  9. Daytime Waitress

    Random Image Thread

    Imagine trying to take your eternal rest in a comfy little glass tub and, not only do they lump you in with the bits and pieces of 49,999 other mooks, but you've got goobers taking photos of you every damn hour! Thank you for sharing this, Matthias - "ossuary" is probably my favourite word in the entire English language, and this place is unbelievable.
  10. Mate, I was playfully taking the piss out of a fellow Strayan, equating his favouring of a certain flavour of crackers(?) to flat-earth-tier shitposting. @EduardoAndFriends damn well knows I love him.
  11. Daytime Waitress

    What is the coolest scenario in fiction of the 3 listed

    Oh shit, is CM Punk about to do a run in on this thread?!
  12. I guess it was inevitable in a thread that's gonna touch on politics and wind its way into the culture war gutter, but I'm still astonished at the level of disinformation and outright lunacy that is on display in here, and appalled that the mods have left it up: To clear up any confusion for our international friends: there is only one choice, and it is Chicken Crimpy.
  13. Daytime Waitress

    Patrick Versus Media Players

    On the last episode of Unsolved Doomworld Mysteries, RU tried to blame a time wizard for a necrobump, but Detective Murdoch is on the case. Tune in to the next exciting installment to find out what happens!
  14. Daytime Waitress

    Put any random things you are happy about here.

    I'm happy that Jello is posting pics of a happier puppy.
  15. I knew Arrowhead + GG would be a winning combination, but hot damn does this look like it's going to surpass my expectations! Thanks, brother - I hope it was a lot of fun for you to work on.