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  1. ZNukem

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    You can't go wrong with MIT or BSD licenses, they're excellent choices if you want clear credit for your project. They're also permissive for those looking to distribute game code. Hey even the Godot Engine uses the MIT license. Just passing along a suggestion to you. Whatever you're after is up to you.
  2. Now in 2022 you can still use Kahn, it has portable standalone server can be hosted by anyone really. But yeah I need to screenshot DOS version at some point. I have the program files archive on my website if anyone wants take look at them. Fun fact: Kali still work to this day! You can say it's godfather of retro online gaming at this point. ;)
  3. Yep that what I mean TheBaratusII my friend. My bad for mistyping title I went back and fixed it by the way. lol! Good thing is we got retro gaming community's make cool alternatives everyday. That is good thing. In the mid-late 90's Kahn was trying to keep up with Kali as competitor. StarGate Networks had small player base at the time. Kali was already well-established player base by that point. Kali even was the one made other game services to show like Battle.net even MSN Gaming Zone. In early 2000's Kahn owners made gaming client free of charge then the site was later redirected to Kahn Central from there be came independent community. It has deep history I will say.
  4. I am glad you remember this program. That's cool someone knows about it. Also if I recall right by reading site info, It does have support for WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness and some Blizzard games. This was before BattleNet was a thing. But yeah Blizzard later on didn't like Kahn. I don't blame them at all. The Blizzard games was later remove from Kahn support list afterwards sadly. lol!
  5. Well I loaded up 86Box to show windows version what it looks like. PCON was game launcher with IRC. Kahn Control Center where you find, add, join servers. And the box above is the server people can self host on a PC and users can join by IP to play. This server even works with DOS version too. The chance is this program can still be used. May not connect right at times it's picky I will say. But yeah it blast to the past I will say.
  6. ZNukem

    New around here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hello! I'm ZNukem some people know me as Z for short. I am retro gamer that haves that cool Duke Nukem voice Impression everyone likes hearing. Sometimes I chill back make maps and stuff once in while. I am happy to be on Doomworld thanks for having here!
  7. This my first forum post: Kahn was gaming program in 90's made by Stargate Networks It was competitor to Kali back in day and cheaper alternative. Originally was design as network program for Descent 1/2. It had port for DOS and Windows even came with server binaries for people to host there own servers even had IPX protocol same as Kali. As time went on more games was added like Duke Nukem 3D Shadow Warrior DOOM 1/2 so many others. Around early 2000's the program became Free/Freeware on Kahn Central Website with few updates and fixes. Sadly the program went forgotten around 2005 until now. I did find some files online and made package with full archive what was found. I hope this story of this cool program gets more attention then needs. Yeah that all I know about it.