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  1. WarLord

    New levels

    ok the broken links are fixed!
  2. WarLord

    New levels

    Thanx for reporting the broken links. I'll fix them a.s.a.p
  3. WarLord

    New levels

    I've updated my website with a couple of new wads. If you're interested, you can check them out at angelfire.com/vamp/leechpit Bye!
  4. WarLord

    New doom textures

    Thanx for your help!
  5. WarLord

    New doom textures

    Does anyone know where I can download some new textures for Doom for use in a new wad?
  6. WarLord

    New project needed

    you want to work for a new project? (for Jdoom) I'm working on Dismembered and I could use a good mapper so if you're interested, let me know ok?