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  1. Hello Mr Beloko. I Have been facing some issue.  I dont know its a bug or corrupt WAD file. DOOM 1 & 2, CHEX QUEST 1,2,3 Runs Very Well.  But Other WAD Sometimes Cant Run, When i try to change the version 4. Its says IWAD missing, i dont get it what it means. But can you fix this issue?  WADS ike COLD AS HELL,  DOOM METRO, ZOMBIE DOOM and mods like call of doom,  vietdoom works very well on GZDoom PC.


    I'm Using Samsung Galaxy A20.Screenshot_20220127-101348.png.1951d918cf49d218cc5b6761d40f35eb.png

  2. Jack Carver

    Issue with Going Down on Delta Touch (split)

    Mr Stallion The Going Down WAD Is Not Working On Delta Touch App. I Want To Try Those WAD.
  3. But The Going Down WAD Is Not Working.