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  1. XonToR

    64 Times the Doom TC

    Yea, Multiplayer not working. DOOMSDAY.EXE crashes when trying to make a public internet server :((( i tried to play DOOM 64 TC online, yesterday. Without any luck. Hope it will be fixed asap.
  2. http://www.geocities.com/stairfound/Index.html
  3. XonToR

    Will Microsoft Lock id Software In A Box?

    Those motherfucking idiots want Id Software to create DOOM III or release it for XBOX first??? THEN IT WILL TAKE LONGER TO RELEASE IT FOR PC, STUPID BASTARDS!!!!!!!!! I love this game. I play it since there were the first versions of it available - since 1993. It can't be. Microsoft should recreate it for the XBOX, when it has been released for PC, but not the other way. Goddamned suckers.
  4. XonToR

    Legacy Continues

    Hey man - you're kidding? *showing with the finger on John Romero* 8) ----------- Who the fuck will NOW test my DOOM LEGACY MOD "CONBRA 5"? http://www.geocities.com/scheissus/cobra2_5b03.zip (maybe right-click and "save under...") Thanxxx for testing - needs DOOM Legacy v1.32 Beta 3 at least with DOOM II WAD v1.9
  5. I'd like to greet all Doomers and Doom Level Designers out there. I'm the one, who is designing the "COBRA 5" MOD for DooM Legacy. Since i'm working for more than 4 months on it, i'm searching for Level Designers, that can create huge and even interesting / professional maps. If you feel like you wanna join this project and if you want to create your maps for it, then feel fre, to reply here or write me an E-MAIL directly. You won't be the only person, who creates the maps for thos MOD - ├Č'm designing them, too and i give the maps scripts, sector lights, maybe 3D Floors, if you can't design them. Please support me and my project, so that we can release it ASAP. The Cobra 5 project is a "2 part release" and it needs 32 maps for part 2 (i'm working on) and 36 maps for part 1, which will be designed when part 2 is finally finished. Here is a Beta Test of the "COBRA 5" project: http://www.geocities.com/scheissus/cobra2_5b03.zip (The link maybe needs a right-click and then "save as...") Required: OpenGL DooM Legacy v1.32 Beta 3, DOOM II WAD v1.9 Remember: If you're interested to create your maps for this project, then please let me know and reply here. The only rule: Please DON'T release your map online - it will be released, when the first part has been completely done. Thank you for your support. Your XonToR
  6. XonToR


    Hell man. I just suggested to the Legacy Team GL Lighning Effects from Light Textures. If they could implement such a good thing into the game, areas would look much better and even the feeling of rooms would get more realistic. Hope they do so. 0_o
  7. XonToR


    Wondering, if this are GL Lightnings from Textures on the ground. o_0 *NARF* What we gonna do tonight, brain?
  8. XonToR


    I know this TV show - it's a quiz show, called "Quizfire" / "The Quiz Show". It's a german TV show, that turns up 2 times a day - 5pm and 7pm. I know it, cause i'm german and i know this TV publisher, called "SAT.1" and i know the moderator on the pic, to the left. SO what ya gonna do? Only thing i can say, is: i'm really sorry, that i missed it. I wish i had seen this one.
  9. Hello, this is XonToR. I already announced the project of "COBRA 5", a DooM Legacy Release and i wanna know, if there are still level designers out somewhere, who are interested in creating new maps, which are released later in a new WAD file. The only thing, the level has to be, is: 3D Floors, Colored lightning effects and fraggle scripts. Since i'm doing Fraggle already and even do colored sectors by myself, the level designers would only have to create the maps, nothing more. I as project leader would give the maps the perfect feeling. If you are interested to create your map(s) for this "2 parts" - release (68 maps), then please mail me back, to: yourwebmaster@web.de Thank you for supporting me.
  10. Would there be a way to make ambience sounds into DooM Legacy maps? This would be very new stuff, since i had seen this on Half-Life. I'd like to use such ambience sound in DooM Legacy, too. For example i create a reactor and can next to him place a sound item, that has machinery sound. Would be very cool. What do you think of this idea? Can the DooM Legacy Team realize that? Please help me, if you know, how to do that. Please describe, what to do to get this working. Thank you very much
  11. XonToR

    How can i place things on 3D Bridges?

    Hi, download my map: Beyond the bridges. Mail me back and i will send the map to ya - there are 3 3D Bridges in it.
  12. XonToR

    DooM Legacy Question for Pistol / Chaingun

    Hello, where can i get this SMMU I? How can i realize it, to use the DSCHGUN sound? Please help me. Thanks.
  13. Hello all DooMers out there. I wanna know, how i can use different sounds in DooM Legacy for the Pistol and Chaingun. Please help me. Since i wanna build in a minigun, i don't want the normal pistol sound for the weapon. I'll place ┬┤minigun sound in it. That would give a problem to the sound of the pistol. So - how can i do that? Please help me, thanks - your XonToR
  14. XonToR

    Searching Minigun MOD for ZDOOM

    Thanks, that is EXACTLY what i want / was searching for.
  15. Hello, i'm searching for the Minigun MOD for ZDOOM. There was once a message / pic @ doomworld.com, which had this news. Now i need this MOD for a new WAD Conversion. Please help, thanks - you XonToR