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    my models are decent

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  1. Captain Skippy

    Doom 3 Info From Quakecon

    im not trying to make enemies or anything, but i find a railgun to be more believable than a plasma rifle or a bfg. and if you dont like the railgun, dont use it
  2. Captain Skippy


    hmmmmmmmmmm i got a 124 "we can tell your Intellectual Type is an Inventive Inquisitor." whatever the hell that means
  3. Captain Skippy

    Your opinion on gun control

    heh, i was in a car accident last week. the guy that hit me and my dad was a fucking moron and said that we ran a red light but he hit us from the left and crossed 5 lanes before smacking into us. (stupid quote line) bbg said this shit down here Any person found with an unregistered gun will do 10-15 years in jail and pay a $25,000 fine (end of the stupid quote line that i dont know how to do and wont learn to do) thats a tad harsh when compared to murderers who get off on much less
  4. Captain Skippy

    Bodily Injuries

    year 1) bashed my head on a wooden edge of a couch, didnt have to go the hospital, thick headed, left a scar year 2) stuck my finger into a electrical outlet, twice year 4) got knocked off the top bunk of a bunk bed by my sister, evil bitch year 4) fell face first off my bike into the drive way year 7) tripped and fell onto a rock that went into my knee about half an inch, got up and walked home year 13) going fast down hill on my bike, ran over some gravel and was slung across the street and landed head first into the curb, no helmet. i was more worried about my bike anyways year 14) playing american football and some 230+ pound guy fell on my head, was wearing a helmet. later lied to the medical guy to get back in and recovered a fumble which led to a touchdown. year 16, 08-08-02: got hit in the side by a car that ran a red light and was speeding. the speeders car was demolished and my car had a 18 inch dent in it and it still runs fine. new earphones were busted, more worried about those than my ownself. today: taking the time to think about what happened in my life, it hurts
  5. Captain Skippy


    heh, i got me a 1.8ghz chip and a geforce3 64ddr
  6. Captain Skippy


    consoles dont need nowhere as high clock speeds as PCs and such. the specs of a console really means nothing, its the games that count
  7. Captain Skippy

    FPS MP based game stories

    Oh well I'll vote for Q3 cause UT sucks.
  8. Captain Skippy

    Die Musik von Deutchland!

    heh, i like Funker Vogt i was gonna go to a KMFDM concert outside of St. Louis, but my mom decided to move out that week, so i couldnt go.
  9. Captain Skippy


    but its hard to play when the new ball comes in from the top and your paddle is at the bottom:\
  10. Captain Skippy


    ummmm i didnt even know fodders had posted that, so im not ripping him off
  11. Captain Skippy


    its pong http://www.guimp.com/pong_flash.html i saw it on tv. and i went out side only to almost sufficate on fresh air
  12. Captain Skippy

    Holy Fuck

  13. Captain Skippy

    3D Modeling Programs

    gmax sucks, so does my postcount which im trying to raise
  14. Captain Skippy

    3D Modeling Programs

    it is modeling, Liam the Tard LIAM: Happy now bitch??? no
  15. Captain Skippy

    How many of you still play Doom?

    heh, oops yes if you do no if you dont