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  1. I hope raven can make quake 4 feel like quake. I wish id were designing it. I'll be looking forward to their new multiplayer game with nerve software.
  2. I havent been around for awhile did that millenium project ever get finished. Give me some links if it did.
  3. You Can Get One on Ebay. I got one still factory sealed. among the other things mentioned There was an Id anthology shirt and a phone card that expired in 1998 inside.
  4. Jesus christ linguica how old is your room mate?
  5. connan rules
  6. I have decided to learn a computer language. I would like to make games eventually. What language is the quake 3 engine written in. Or what language would be the most financially rewarding. would C++ be good ?
  7. If they ever redesign their site. Come on its feb. already I thought they were planning a new years update
  8. Edge Of Sanity Has a cd called crimson witch is one song that lasts 48 minutes. A really good album btw
  9. Right get the quake 3 engine and make hl 2. it shouldnt take 5 years
  10. Ports were made to make doom playable on todays systems. The fps of today have different control so the control method has to advance for doom too. I use WSAD for doom with mouselook on but freelook off so i use the mouse to turn and shoot i strafe with a and d and i leave jump off to keep it like the original.
  11. Black Label Society how did they get on that list zack is a badass guitar player
  12. the multiplayer version i meant
  13. COUNTER STRIKE sucks RTCW is the way to go
  14. I would like to host doom games on my computer. I am not a big fan of the dos doom commands , are there any programs with a quake 3 type setup where you just click on the options you want and it does everything for you?
  15. all korn albums are horrible.