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  1. AngelOfDeath

    What if Quake4 turns out better than Doom3?

    I hope raven can make quake 4 feel like quake. I wish id were designing it. I'll be looking forward to their new multiplayer game with nerve software.
  2. AngelOfDeath

    Doom Millenium

    I havent been around for awhile did that millenium project ever get finished. Give me some links if it did.
  3. AngelOfDeath

    id Anthology...

    You Can Get One on Ebay. I got one still factory sealed. among the other things mentioned There was an Id anthology shirt and a phone card that expired in 1998 inside.
  4. AngelOfDeath

    Roommate Blues

    Jesus christ linguica how old is your room mate?
  5. AngelOfDeath

    best late-nite talk show

    connan rules
  6. AngelOfDeath

    A Question For Programmers

    I have decided to learn a computer language. I would like to make games eventually. What language is the quake 3 engine written in. Or what language would be the most financially rewarding. would C++ be good ?
  7. AngelOfDeath

    New Info

    If they ever redesign their site. Come on its feb. already I thought they were planning a new years update
  8. AngelOfDeath


    Edge Of Sanity Has a cd called crimson witch is one song that lasts 48 minutes. A really good album btw
  9. AngelOfDeath

    Cheater Busted

    Right get the quake 3 engine and make hl 2. it shouldnt take 5 years
  10. AngelOfDeath

    How annoying is it...

    Ports were made to make doom playable on todays systems. The fps of today have different control so the control method has to advance for doom too. I use WSAD for doom with mouselook on but freelook off so i use the mouse to turn and shoot i strafe with a and d and i leave jump off to keep it like the original.
  11. AngelOfDeath

    dont get too doomed

    Black Label Society how did they get on that list zack is a badass guitar player
  12. AngelOfDeath

    Cheater Busted

    the multiplayer version i meant
  13. AngelOfDeath

    Cheater Busted

    COUNTER STRIKE sucks RTCW is the way to go
  14. AngelOfDeath

    Setting up Servers

    I would like to host doom games on my computer. I am not a big fan of the dos doom commands , are there any programs with a quake 3 type setup where you just click on the options you want and it does everything for you?
  15. AngelOfDeath


    all korn albums are horrible.