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  1. ImproversGaming

    Ripping potential doom wads off a broken dell?

    I am feeling some My House vibes building here! If you cannot get the computer to boot on it's own then taking the drive out is quite sensible. Worth checking where it is failing though. Maybe you could boot from a USB and see what state the drives are it. However, if you dont want to get into that take the drive out and connect to a working computer. There are loads of adaptors out there for this. Let us know how it goes.
  2. ImproversGaming

    Stutters on new hardware - DSDA DOOM and others

    There are a lot of posts out there that found issues with frame rate when using the "razer chroma option". I believe it is a lighting system and you may have their keyboard, mouse or other products. Thought it was worth a mention. Check these out if so: https://steamcommunity.com/app/379720/discussions/0/1290691308584866946/
  3. ImproversGaming

    Stutters on new hardware - DSDA DOOM and others

    There seem to be a lot of threads around about similar issues. I am not not even at a novice level with this but am bored and on a long train journey (7 hours so far today). You have a very capable system. I suggest: Check GPU drivers are up to date Make sure you have the latest release of ports used Set fps cap as a multiple of 35fps (the base game tick rate - you are pretty close) Check in-game settings for graphics, specifically Opengl/hardware rendering (not software as maybe 1440p@141fps is heavy going for the CPU) Play with in-game render settings and any system v/g-sync settings (try on and off) - see what works best Wait until someone with some knowledge turns up on the thread
  4. ImproversGaming

    ZDL / GZDoom Steam Deck - Can't play different WADs

    Sounds like it should be straightforward but I am not familiar with the steam deck or GZDoom. However, I found these instructions, have a look and see if they help: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=77622 Something that would be helpful is to set up ZDL to play the WAD you want (as before) then go to the "ZDL" dropdown button and select an option that is something like "show commandline" basically to show the final launch command that ZDL uses - this might highlight if something is missing. Paste this in a reply. Let me know how you get on.
  5. ImproversGaming

    Punching imps

    I absolutely suffer with having to punch stuff out! My movement and anticipation are just not currently refined enough for me to be reliable with it. I am practicing and the improvements are coming but there is lots more work to do. I have a tormenting and burned in memory of playing Base Ganymede E2M4, which is one of the toughest maps I have played. It took something like a hundred attempts to get through it! It is notionally a Tyson level with lots of imps and wow, did I suffer. If you enjoy punching imps give that map a look! In terms of punching in general my nightmare scenario was played out by Kinetic - Cyberdemon in a small enclosed space (TNT Map 01 - believe it or not - Solo-net Tyson - love this video):
  6. ImproversGaming

    what weapon should i beat the spider mastermind with

    Sounds like you need to balance staying alive with applying damage - with a Spidermastermind you need cover. It has a hitscan attach so you cannot dodge it and you need to break line of sight to get it to stop focussing you. If you run at one be prepared to die quickly. As mentioned it can be relatively easy for you to get it to infight other monsters and there is a foible in its character where it can be paralysed (as shown in the video). It has a large bounding box so other monsters getting too close can paralyse it (pinkies and Imps are really good at this - particularly pinkies as they only have a melee attach so have to get that close). In terms of killing it, well this can be very dependent on the situation (cover, proximity, weapons available, etc). For me the best approach is to keep some distance and use plasma, rocket launcher (though you don't get splash damage) and chaingun, seeking cover when needed. If you can get a lot closer the BFG and SSG become more useful. Peek-a-boo shoot from cover until it is dead. In theory you can one-shot them if you are in their face with a BFG but it is not guaranteed and if you don't get it you can be badly punished. I would recommend chipping away some of its health first before going in close with the BFG, just to bump the odds more in your favour. In all of these remember that the Spidermastermind has a large bounding box so I often find that plasma or chaingunning the edge of the Spidermastermind, around the edge of your cover, allows you to stay out for much longer periods whilst limiting its ability to target you. Stay patient as it can take a while. If you have a specific map or fight that is challenging you let us know and we might be able to provide more directed strategy recommendations. Good luck!