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  1. Is SB16 emulation required to get the game music to work in the Windows 95 versions of Doom? ie: Ultimate Doom, Doom2, and Final Doom
  2. I just installed Ultimate Doom, Doom2, and Final Doom. Please note they were installed on a computer running Windows Me(Millenion Edition, Not XP). These are the only programs installed on the harddrive other than the operating system and device drivers. Windows Me was updated through the auto update application.All device drivers were updated to the most current versions. The sound card is a Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS platinum. The soundcard has been allocated IRQ 5 and there are no apparent conflicts (yellow exclamation points in device manager). The problem is when playing any of the games I get no background music. I do however get sound effects, gunshots, door opening, zombie grunts etc. I have adjusted the music volume slider all the way to the right to no avail. Oh yea, all three of the games are the Windows 95 versions. Whats interesting is that I did get game music at the game install screen before installing the games. A couple of other problems I noticed is 1.) The mouse does not work even when checked in the configuration screen. 2.) I can't re-map any of the keyboard keys. I can input the keys I want but the changes don't work in game. Is Windows Me totally compatable with these games? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thnx a bunch!