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  1. Renegade_Style

    2003: Year of the Third Coming

    Hey, this leet - Thing is cool.
  2. Renegade_Style

    Whoooaaahhh! How bout that new version of the "Archvile"!!!

    Is that important ? ? ? uuuhhh
  3. Renegade_Style

    Scans are up

    @Use3D Hey, another 242-Fan ! ! ! !
  4. Renegade_Style

    Is DOOM3 a remake of DOOM?

    Think of "it`s green and it`s pissed"... title of games is not the best thing ID can do ! But whats the Problem, i love DooM so a Remake would be great, but you could see new enemies, so it won`t be a 100% remake.
  5. Renegade_Style

    More Trent Reznor rumours

    Oh that have to be in Doom 3.
  6. Renegade_Style

    More Trent Reznor rumours

    Yeah DooM 64 music was very good scary and oooh!!
  7. Renegade_Style

    More Trent Reznor rumours

    Trent Reznor AND Robert Prince should give their best to give you all what you want !
  8. Renegade_Style

    Enemy and wall damage

    But it would be cool
  9. Renegade_Style

    New Kreed Video

    If they will work a little bit harder to create realistic moving enemies, this will be a great scary Game !
  10. Renegade_Style

    More Trent Reznor rumours

    Reznor will do a good Job, as he did with Q1. The Music WAS dark and so it will be in Doom 3!
  11. Renegade_Style

    carmack convinced nvidia!

    Yeah, your dreams of the future are sooo nice, i can`t believe it :-)
  12. Renegade_Style

    Happy fuckin B-day Doom

    Oh my god i am old, and DooM is , too. But we will grow and become stronger.
  13. Renegade_Style

    rtcw, doom3, halflifeĀ“s narrative standard

    I think the hole DOOM-Thing offers more room for story than Wolfenstein ever could. So DooM 3 Will have a good Story... and i think, the Guys at ID are Fans of their own games, so the will create a DooM, which will please us all. Hey trust me !
  14. Renegade_Style

    a small music idea

    Depeche Mode ... scary music ??? are you kidding ? Apoptygma Berzerk.. i have only "Non-Stop-Violence" so i can`t say anything about it but the DooM 3- Music have to be a bit scarier.
  15. Renegade_Style

    a small music idea

    Does anyone knows Messiah... great Music..scary stuff.